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Throughout HITMAN™, there are many minor characters the player can encounter.

Some of the characters in HITMAN™ appear in HITMAN™ 2 and HITMAN™ 3. More about the characters is in HITMAN™ 2 Side Characters and HITMAN™ III Side Characters.

Freeform Training

Terry Norfolk

Terry Norfolk.

Terry Norfolk can be seen using his phone, and afterwards walking onto the cruise ship to communicate with Kalvin Ritter.

Norfolk is an older male, wearing a white blazer, with a red shirt, white pants, and a white hat. His disguise can be used to get a private meeting with Ritter.

Isabella Caruso

Isabella Caruso

The mother of Silvio Caruso, can be seen on the yacht, talking about her son.

The Final Test

Cilas Netzke

Cilas Netzke

Cilas Netzke is a KGB Officer. He talks many times with Jasper Knight and can be used to kill Jasper. His outfit can be worn.

Moses Butusov

Moses Butusov is a Soviet soldier and bodyguard for Jasper Knight.

The Showstopper

Helmut Kruger

Helmut Kruger.

Helmut Kruger is a prominent fashion model, the new face of the Viktor Novikov-owned brand Sanguine Ice, and a personal friend and associate of Novikov's parter-in-crime Dalia Margolis. He also once appeared in a Jordan Cross music video. He's probably from Germany, Austria or another German-speaking country.

His name is spelled "Krüger" on a Sanguine placard near the dressing area.

He wears blue and white makeup across his face, with a blue and black coat. The player can use his phone to call Dalia Margolis to get a private meeting with her, and his disguise can be used to walk the runway.

Agent 47 and Kruger look very much alike, which allows the player, after reapplying Kruger's makeup, to walk down the runway. This triggers a meeting with Margolis. When Agent 47 meets Margolis in disguise, she asks him (thinking he's Helmut) to date Jessica Highmoore to gain insider information from her father's company, Highmoore Consulting.

Kurt Donovan

Kurt Donovan.

Kurt Donovan follows Viktor Novikov closely around the Palais de Walewska in the mission The Showstopper. He guards Novikov closely throughout his loop through the palace.

He wears a full black suit with a tie, and can drop a phone which the player can use to call a "Code 17" evacuation, forcing Victor Novikov and Dalia Margolis to the south-east most room on the second floor. If Novikov is killed, Kurt will disband and freely roam himself. Keep in mind, if the player equips a bodyguard outfit, Kurt and Novikov will both appear as enforcers, being able to see through 47's disguise.

Sophus Fatale

Sophus Fatale.

Sophus Fatale is Dalia Margolis' personal assistant, manager, and familiar friend. He follows Dalia around the auction and talks to her about some IAGO operations. He holds a very critical opinion of Dalia's partner Viktor Novikov, and even suggests getting rid of him because his criminal past could be a big danger for IAGO.

Valerie St. Clair

Valerie St. Clair.

Valerie St. Clair is a writer for the fashion magazine The Showstopper, a magazine which had suffered declining sales figures recently because internet fashion blogs have grown in popularity. The editorial team was almost at checkout, but recently St. Clair came to know about some of Viktor Novikov's darkest secrets: his spy and blackmailing activities.

She wanted to reveal those secrets to the public to save The Showstopper, but she needed evidence first. She went to the fashion show and smuggled one of her people, a girl named Hailey, into the secret IAGO auction to collect evidence. Unfortunately, Novikov and Margolis were killed before St. Clair could leak their secrets.

Her large sunglasses and blonde bangs give her a strong resemblance to Vogue editior Anna Wintour, who is also a very influential fashion magazine journalist.

Martha Herris

Martha Herris.

Martha Herris is a model and spy working for IAGO. She provided the NOC list for IAGO in less than six weeks by having a relationship with a British commander. Dalia Margolis is very happy with her work and even wants to promote her, but Herris refuses. She wants to quit her spy activities and establish her own streetwear brand with the help of Sebastian Sato. Margolis isn't very happy about this, but Herris just tells her that she knows when she has to quit.

Tren Po

Tren Po.

Prince Tren Po is a guest at the IAGO auction that takes place at Palais de Walewska during the Sanguine Fashion Show.

His father Jin Po is the dictator of Khandanyang, who has convinced his people to worship him as a god, and Tren is his apparent heir. Tren can be spotted in a hallway just outside the IAGO auction, talking on his cell phone to Jordan Cross about composing a song for his coronation.

In World of Tomorrow, two scientists in the underground lab can be heard daydreaming about who they'd choose to kill with their experimental virus. One suggests Jin Po, while his colleague counters that Tren Po would simply succeed him and be an even worse tyrant.

Most likely, he's a parody of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, as his name and Asian appearance suggest.

Sir Humphrey Titus Rutherford

Sir Humphrey Titus Rutherford.

Sir Humphrey Rutherford is a wealthy British weapon manufacturer who sells his weapons to governments to help them fight against terror organizations like Crystal Dawn. He was invited to the IAGO auction and can be seen drinking champagne on the auction's patio. He is interested in some construction plans for a fighting drone by Kronlund Industries (which was most likely the name for Kronstadt Industries during early development of the game, as it is only mentioned once), which is a rival weapon manufacturer.

Mabaya Mzabuni

Mabaya Mzabuni.

Mabaya Mzabuni is the representative of terror organization Crystal Dawn at the IAGO auction in Paris. He can be seen drinking champagne on the auction's patio. He bought some flight plans at an IAGO auction some time ago and caused the shooting down of a plane over the African jungle by Crystal Dawn. He also reveals that Crystal Dawn is involved in slavery and diamond smuggling. His name suggests he's from Central or East Africa.

Nelle Brent

Nelle Brent

Nelle Brent is an American politician of the Democratic Party and an invited guest at the IAGO auction in Paris. She wants Margolis to make the Republican Party look bad, so the Democrats' candidate, Barclay, will win the election. Margolis tells her that this will be absolutely no problem.

She also gets a call during the auction and finds out that Thomas Cross, a seemingly Republican donor and businessman, donated a high sum of money to the Democrats just recently.

Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali

Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali.

Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali is the guest of honor at the IAGO auction that takes place at Palais de Walewska during the Sanguine Fashion Show. His family is extremely wealthy, and are known sponsors of terrorism.

He can be seen in a locked room with a guard, wearing a white suit with a red and gold headdress.

After lingering in his room for a few minutes, the Sheikh will eventually make his way up to the IAGO auction, dismissing the requirement of an invitation, since he is personally familiar with auction organizer Dalia Margolis.

In Club 27, according to the hotel manager, Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali has stayed in the Himmapan hotel before. He had requested a safe and found a half-eaten sandwich inside. The manager warned the staff to not let the same thing happen to Dexy Barat.

The Sheikh reappears in HITMAN™ 2's The Finish Line mission, and his family is a major part of the On Top of the World mission in HITMAN™ III.

Sebastian Sato

Sebastian Sato.

Sebastian Sato is the lead fashion designer for the Sanguine Fashion Show taking place at Palais de Walewska. He was intimidated by Viktor Novikov, and felt like his creativity was being stifled by Novikov. Sato can be seen with the rest of the makeup and clothing designers, close to the runway of the palace.

In the briefing for A Gilded Cage, a news ticker shows that Sato quit Sanguine soon after Viktor Novikov was killed, despite Sanguine becoming more popular than ever and Sato no longer having to answer to Novikov.

Sato reappears in the HITMAN™ III mission On Top of the World. He is also the target of the tutorial escalation The Sebastian Principle, and is one of the judges in The Dartmoor Garden Show.

Max Decker

Max Decker.

Max Decker is a member of the Russian FSB and was also part of the now dissolved KGB, the intelligence service of the Soviet Union. His active years were during the Cold War.

Decker wants to meet with Viktor Novikov regarding a criminal case which the FSB is mounting towards the him. While he is waiting in the Lounge, he will receive a phone call from Novikov, who will tell him to meet with him at the Pavilion, and that a security guard will escort him there. Decker will wait for the security guard and then follow him to the meeting spot. Decker has also brought a personal bodyguard with him who will accompany him at all times.

With the FSB mounting a criminal case against Viktor Novikov, Decker has been paid a seven digit amount to destroy the evidence against him. Decker managed to arrange a fire at the FSB headquarters which destroyed all of the evidence, except one final remaining copy of the case file containing every bit of dirty intel the FSB ever collected on Novikov. Once he reaches the pavilion, he will call Novikov, who has yet to arrive. When Novikov arrives, they will have a conversation and he will then give Novikov the last remaining file. Novikov will tell Decker that the money will be wired to his account and Decker will then leave the palace.

Hailey Brennan & Jared Dorst

Hailey Brennan & Jared Dorst.

Hailey Brennan appears to be Margolis' secretary, but she is secretly a spy working for Valerie St. Clair and The Showstopper magazine, working undercover to reveal Margolis' and Novikov's secrets.

She is, however, very afraid of Margolis. If the auction is sabotaged, she will think Margolis is going to kill her and panic. She is soon comforted by Jared Dorst, a bodyguard standing close, who seems to have had a relationship with her in the past, and he helps her escape by taking her to the speedboat by the river.

Lana Caprice

Lana Caprice.

Lana Caprice is a news reporter.

She can be found on the first floor, in the gift shop (the same room as the Battleaxe), in the far corner by the coffee counter, and is part of the A rare scoop opportunity. She has a camera next to her where a remote explosive can be attached. She will go to interview Viktor Novikov if you get her a lens for the camera (located in a van in the parking lot). You can blow up the remote explosive during the interview to eliminate Viktor Novikov, although timing the explosion poorly may kill Caprice as well.

Congressman Walsh


Congressman Walsh is a minor character who has a short dialogue with Viktor Novikov at the start of the Fashion Show. Viktor asks Walsh to join him and Dalia Margolis for a drink later on. At some point, he will go to the outside party area where Max Decker is also present.

Liza McKenzie

Liza McKenzie.

Liza McKenzie is part of the Showstopper Magazine and works for Valerie St. Claire. She is asked to find something that proves Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis have criminal history. It would then be released in the Showstopper Magazine. Liza first refuses, but then gives in, and proceeds to make a phone call in a nearby bathroom. She carries an auction invitation that can be obtained and used to access the top floor.

Philip Von Zell

Philip Von Zell.

Philip Von Zell is a food-judge, who appears in the Palais de Walewska. He is often found behind the bar, between the bar-wall and the kitchen, and tends to chat with Viktor Novikov during The Showstopper.

Julian Wakefield, Bruce & Camille

Julian Wakefield, Bruce & Camille.

Julian Wakefield is a famous actor and member of the Church of Ascendants. Dalia Margolis hopes to gather information on the religious organization by having one of her models, Camille, date Julian. She arranged for only a single bar at the cocktail party to serve Julian's favorite whiskey, and chose Camille for her resemblance to Julian's ex, Ada Lockheed. Brucie is a friend of Julian Wakefield. Julian is also a musician - at one point, he takes to a corner of the bar and talks on the phone about having performed at a private party of Novikov's many years ago. Camille is called Joan M. Harrison in Contracts Mode.

Nicolas Frank

Nicolas Frank.

Nicolas Frank is the auctioneer at the IAGO Auction.

Holiday Hoarders

Santa Claus

Santa Claus as seen in a contracts style photo.

Santa Claus is an added NPC to The Showstopper in Holiday Hoarders, alongside the two targets.

He can be knocked out. His suit can be equipped and used to do the Bad Santa challenges, which, when completed, will unlock the Santa 47 Suit. When knocked out, he will drop a Holiday Crowbar, Holiday Firepoker, and a Holiday Fire Axe, which are Christmas decorated version of their respective items.

Santa Claus moves around the Palace by teleporting, making jingle bell sounds.

World of Tomorrow

Roberto Vargas

Roberto Vargas.

Roberto Vargas is Silvio Caruso's golf coach, and Francesca De Santis' love interest. He seemed to be deeply infatuated with De Santis, as he knew her favorite kind of decoration and spent time preparing a room lavishly for his date with her. Conversations between two fisherman indicate that he is a womanizer who usually prefers younger women and was previously dating someone called Marina.

Roberto is usually found practicing with Caruso. When Caruso asks about his affair with De Santis, he quickly attempts to deny it. He will often walk near the cliff and call De Santis about their date, while struggling to think of a pick-up line.

His disguise can be used to lure De Santis to a room.

Marcello Ray

Marcello Ray.

Marcello is Silvio Caruso's head chef, and cooks all the meals for Caruso's villa. He is a world-renowned chef and had opened several restaurants before the Great Recession hit. He spends much of his time trying to figure out the spaghetti sauce recipe Caruso's mother used. Marcello resents Caruso due to his rude treatment of him - when he is told not to smoke in the kitchen by an employee, he claims he will do so until Caruso stops treating him poorly. In a phone conversation he begs a friend to find him any cooking job elsewhere so that he can escape.

Oscar Lafayette

Dr. Oscar Lafayette.

Oscar Lafayette is a therapist and writer. He can be seen at the beginning of the mission speaking on his phone, during which he mentions Jordan Cross was among his patients.

He is bald, and wears a brown suit. The player can use his disguise to infiltrate Silvio Caruso's villa and get a private session with him.

Doctor Lafayette will eventually enter the villa on his own and conduct a session with Caruso. He will proceed to Caruso's private quarters and will wait there for Silvio. If the player has not yet obtained the doctor's disguise, he still has an opportunity to do so here before the session. Alternatively, the player can hide in the room and eavesdrop on the conversation, and eliminate Caruso after the doctor leaves.

Luigi Salvatore & Mario Salvatore

Mario Saltatore.

Luigi Saltatore.

Mario and Luigi are plumbers and walk around the Sewers. They are based off Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Brothers series of video games. Mario carries a Sewer Key, while Luigi carries a Sewer Key and a Shop Key. Mario is in the sewers under the church, and Luigi is in the sewers under the Caruso Mansion. Mario wears red overalls, a red & gold cap, a white shirt, and a necklace; while Luigi wears green overalls, a green & gold cap, and a black shirt. Both outfits can be used to walk in the Sewers and in the Mansion Yard.

Craig "Rocco" McVeigh

Craig "Rocco" McVeigh.

Craig "Rocco" McVeigh is based off Craig McVeigh, the winner of the Hitman Sniper Challenge. He lives in the same building where the Butcher and the ICA Safehouse are, and his sister Claudia Di Meo has gotten Rocco a job as a kitchen hand in Marcello Ray's Kitchen in Caruso Mansion. He tries to think big, but that rarely leads him anywhere, and he has a habit of being late to work. His apartment has an Apartment Key, a Mansion Keycard, a Kitchen Assistant outfit, a computer with Hitman: Sniper Challenge open, and lots of ashtrays. He is a heavy smoker. If the player rings his doorbell as a Priest, he will claim to be a Buddhist as a way of dismissing the player. If you come dressed as a scientist he claims last time he was a scientist his urine became magnetic.

Padre Francesco

Padre Francesco

Father Francesco is the Catholic priest of the church of Sapienza. He wears a black priest robe, a priest hat, and round glasses. His disguise can be used to walk in the private areas of the church. Francesco is timid but honest and stands by his principles. In the mission Landslide, Padre Francesco is afraid of mission target Marco Abiatti, and hides from him. However, if forced to talk with Abiatti, Francesco will refuse to either grant him absolution or support him in the mayoral campaign, rejecting the offer to share power and vowing to expose his corruption. If the player does not intervene, Abiatti ultimately throws Francesco from the tower of the church, killing him. His death at Abiatti's hand does not impose a Non-Target Killed penalty; nevertheless, the player will complete a mission challenge by saving Francesco.

Orlando Zito

Orlando Zito.

Orlando Zito is a cyclist that was hit by the flower delivery van. He is on the ground talking to one of the Delivery Men. After their conversation is activated and ends, he will go to sit on a nearby bench. His outfit can be worn. If the player commits an illegal act within his sight, such as knocking out the driver attending to him, Zito will miraculously recover from his injuries and run for help.

Sal Falcone

Sal Falcone.

Sal Falcone is a private detective from Milan. He is in Sapienza by the request of Francesca De Santis. He is sleeping on a bench and when woken up, he will proceed to call De Santis and they will arrange a meeting on the pier. He goes to the bathroom on his way to the pier, which is a good point to take him out and take his outfit. His disguise can then be used to speak to Francesca De Santis on the pier, providing an opportunity to kill her without witnesses. During the meeting, Francesca asks Sal about a case that Caruso entrusted Sal with in exchange for a great deal of money. Sal tells her that Caruso ordered him to find DNA Samples from specific people, all of whom are Silvio's old bullies. After the meeting, Sal goes to the town hall and walks between a spot right outside the door, the top of the tower, and the security room, mostly to smoke and take pictures.

He is able to see through every single Disguise in World of Tomorrow, including 47’s starting suit.

Umberto Megazzini

Umberto Megazzini.

Umberto Megazzini is a street performer at the Plaza of the Harbor in Sapienza. He has a gathering of people around him enjoying the show, and there are three coins in a bowl right in front of him. He sometimes drinks from his bottle of water nearby.

His outfit can be worn. Agent 47 could poison the water bottle he drinks from, a few yards behind the performer. When Umberto goes to throw up, he can be knocked out unspotted.

Claudia Di Meo

Claudia Di Meo.

Claudia Di Meo is Rocco's older sister who helped him get a job as a kitchen hand. She can be heard attempting to call her brother down, to no avail. She expresses disappointment in her brother's laziness and worries that it will get her fired.

Torres Piombo

Torres Piombo.

Torres Piombo is a bohemian who lives in a apartment above the town hall. Music plays in his apartment alongside multiple glass bottles, a cannabis joint (that can be used to pacify Silvio Caruso or Francesca De Santis), pictures of Hindu gods and Buddha, and incense.

It is revealed in HITMAN™ 2 that he's working with the Delgado Cartel, specifically with Jorge Franco, in a smuggling operation of cocaine using untraceable souvenir bus models. He can be found once again in Santa Esperanza, Colombia.

Claudio Parisi, Rosson Ansovino, Girolamo Giombi, Paolo Fellegra, Araldo Labate

Claudio Parisi, Rosson Ansovino, Girolamo Giombi, Paolo Fellegra, Araldo Labate, from left to right.

Five chefs from World of Tomorrow, Claudio Parisi and Rosson Ansovino are kitchen assistants in the Caruso Mansion, Girolamo's workplace is unknown, and he can be found near the cafeteria, where most of the Bodyguards are. Paolo Fellegra, is a dishwasher, at the Ice Cream Restaurant and Araldo Labate, has a butcher shop, in the bottom floor of the same building where Rocco lives and where the ICA Safehouse is located, called Il Maiale Pizzicheria (eng: The Prickly Pear). There are two other chefs, in World of Tomorrow, other one is in the basement of the Ice Cream Shop, and other one is the chef in the Ice Cream Shop.

Terenzio Endrizzi

Terenzio Endrizzi.

Terenzio Endrizzi is the butler in the Caruso Mansion

You can talk to him while disguised as Doctor Oscar Lafayette or a Delivery Boy. When you talk to him as Dr. Lafayette, he will take you to Silvio Caruso's bedroom, and Silvio will arrive shorty after for a therapy session. When you talk to him as a delivery boy, he will lead you to the stairs leading to Isabella Caruso's grave. He will text Silvio about this after you have arrived, but Silvio will only arrive after the Flowers have been placed on the Grave.

Nicola Scanarotti, Stefano Alberti

Nicola Scanarotti and Stefano Alberti.

Nicola Scanarotti and Stefano Alberti are the bodyguards of Silvio Caruso.

Olinto Trevisan, Roman Langella

Olinto Trevisan and Roman Langella.

Olinto Trevisan and Roman Langella, are the bodyguards, of Francesca De Santis

Viana Buccho

Viana Buccho.

Viana Buccho is one of the scientists working in the Ether field lab. She accidentally caused the death of one of her colleagues due to a gas leak, which she blames herself for doing. She starts in the church's confessional booth, asking Father Francesco if it is right for her to visit the victim's body in the morgue, to which Father Francesco will answer yes. She will visit the morgue with her bodyguard Bernard, who Viana tells to leave for a moment. After saying goodbye, she will go with her bodyguard to the lab from the cliffside path, where she will stay near the canteen prefab, occasionally taking a drink of water.

After Viana goes inside the morgue, there is a small window of opportunity to knock her out, take her keycard and her laptop dongle, and disguise as the deceased scientist. The dongle she carries can be used to destroy the virus remotely and discreetly. This can be done using a laptop found on top of the canteen prefab.


Dr. Docciaborsa

Dr. Docciaborsa.

Dr. Docciaborsa is one of the celebrities Marco Abiatti greets on his political rally. Docciaborsa is a former brain surgeon and the first doctor in Italy who planted a new brain into a monkey. He was celebrated by scientists and even was on cover of the scientific magazine "Nature". He carries a sedative syringe which can be taken after he is subdued or killed.

Monia Bellini

Monia Bellini.

Bellini is one of the celebrities Marco Abiatti greets on his political rally. She is an over-the-hill stage play writer and her plays don't seem to be very good, because her last play which was presented in Milan was deposed very fast. Abiatti seems to be a fan of her plays. While talking about about a possible play set in Sapienza, they mention Dino Bosco, who died a few years before the events in Sapienza while recording his movie "The Icon".

Prof. Antonio

Prof. Antonio.

Prof. Antonio is one of the celebrities Marco Abiatti greets on his rally. He is a journalist writing for the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica". His political views seem to be social democratic or socialist, as Abiatti, who is a right-wing politician, makes fun about it. Quote from Robert Mulo to Marco Abitti: "Professor Antonio is the left-leaning intellectual who has written critically about you in La Repubblica. He argued that your campaign promise to personally beat the crap out of those anti-corruption protesters, would be a violation of their freedom of speech. Very much the usual leftist BS, Sir Yes",

Cinque Ciliegie

Michele Delle Marche, Cristina Dionisi, Felix Merkl (left to right)

"Cinque Ciliegie" (Italian for "five cherries") is the band Marco Abiatti arranged to play on his rally. The band consists of female lead singer Cristina Dionisi, guitarist Felix Merkl and keyboarder Michele Delle Marche. The band only plays Italian folk, in keeping with Abiatti's attempts to cultivate a populist image for himself.

Salvatore Bravuomo

Salvatore Bravuomo.

Salvatore Bravuomo is a lawyer in Landslide. His office is located in the Town Hall. He holds information that could get Marco Abiatti in trouble. Abiatti's bodyguards are looking for Bravuomo, and when they find him they lead him to his office for a meeting with Abiatti. In this meeting, Bravuomo does not give Abiatti the power, and threatens to expose Abiatti. Abiatti will then warn Bravuomo, that if he is exposed, Bravuomo will feast on his wife and kids. Bravuomo can be knocked out and his disguise (which includes a wig, fortunately) can be stolen. After that, you can go talk to Abiatti's bodyguards, who will take you to Bravuomo's office. Before meeting with Abiatti, player will be frisked; luckily, there is a bathroom nearby with a trashcan that can conceal forbidden items, and no guards use the bathroom. Abiatti is familiar with the real Bravuomo and hence is an enforcer for his disguise. However, Bravuomo's office is littered with blend-in spots, and Abiatti will be facing away when the player enters the room. Using these, the player can change position in the office during the conversation that ensues.

Marcello Folliero

Marcello Folliero.

Marcello Folliero is the photographer in Landslide, and his outfit can be worn. He can be seen using both, Photo Camera, and a Film Camera, and he takes pictures of, Abiatti on the beach in the start, Abiatti talking with his guests and Abiatti flirting. His name might be a reference to Marco Forelli, a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Roberto Mulo

Roberto Mulo.

Roberto Mulo, is the assistant of Marco Abiatti, and talks to Abiatti with a Mic from the apartment closest to the two bathrooms near the Morgue. He has a bodyguard, who follows him. He tells Abiatti about his guests with the Mic, and uses the cameras located around the town, to spy on the guests. He has a liking for Oysters, and he can be called out of his apartment, by shutting down the cameras, from the van, behind the meeting spot.

Biagio Coltelli, Baldassarre Arcuri

Biagio Coltelli and Baldassarre Arcuri are serves for a local baazar. Both of their outfits can be worn.


Giovannitti is a man who Marco Abiatti intends to meet the day of the mission. Their meeting can be rescheduled by the player to happen early, luring Abiatti to the graveyard behind the Sapienza church.

The Icon

Sophia Wilde

Sophia Wilde, is the manager of Dino Bosco. She starts in the restaurant, talking to her phone.

Francesca Palerma

Francesca Palerma, is one of the crew members on the set of the Icon. It is unsure of what job she has, but she will talk with Bosco, time to time, near a table with the replica of the movie set. She is possibly the Crew Manager or the SFX Manager

The Author

Ghostly Fan

Ghostly Fan, also known as the Superfan, is a fan of the Cassandra Snow books in The Author. He can be seen in the crypt of the Sapienza Church, and will time to time go to the sewers to have a call. His real name is unknown, due to The Author, The Vector and Patient Zero not being available in the contract creator. His outfit can be worn and when killed or knocked out, he will drop an invitation to the reading.

Mike Vogt

Mike Vogt is a literature critic and has been invited to Craig Black's reading. He can be seen in a cafe, saying that he does not like the books of Black and that they do not qualify as literature. He is based off Michael Vogt, the lead writer of Hitman. He carries an invitation to the reading which is dropped when killed or is knocked out.

A Gilded Cage

Erik Olander

Erik Olander.

Erik Olander is the Consul of Sweden in Marrakesh and an operative of Providence. He has close ties to Claus Hugo Strandberg and has allowed him refuge inside the consulate. Olander dislikes Strandberg and is conspiring with General Reza Zaydan to kill Strandberg by downing his plane as soon as he leaves Morocco. He is found sitting in the conference room on the second floor of the consulate. If killed or subdued, Olander drops a Shisha Cafe Membership Card.

Sayid Laham

Sayid Laham.

Sayid Laham is a prisoner captured by Reza Zaydan. He was captured when his brother (a police officer) was killed during Claus Hugo Strandberg's prison escape; distraught, he attempted to expose the whole operation. His disguise can be used to kill Zaydan. He cannot be rescued, and if he is removed from his chair he will instantly die as soon as any NPC sees him.

Konny Engström

Konny Engström.

Konny Engström is a masseur at the Swedish Consulate building in Marrakesh. He is scheduled for an appointment with Claus Hugo Strandberg, but wishes to not attend the meeting due to being in the building during the riots and not wanting to work with Claus Hugo Strandberg. He pleads on the phone with his boss Donald to get out of this situation. His individual dialogue indicates that he has a smoking habit he is attempting to kick.

Hilda Berg

Hilda Berg.

Hilda Berg is the former head of security for the Swedish Consulate in Marrakesh, found on the rooftop of a store near the marketplace. She expresses dismay in Erik Olander's decision to let Claus Hugo Strandberg take refuge in the Consulate, and is thankful that she is being transferred elsewhere. She is talking on the phone with someone named Lasse about the security tunnel Strandberg will pass if there is a security breach in the Consulate. Afterwards, she will hang around the rooftop. She will drop a consulate keycard when she is knocked out or killed.

A man can be heard telling his sister about having dated her the year prior, only to get drunk and end up in Luxembourg. He erroneously refers to her as Malin.

Pamela Kingsley and Tyler Clark

Pamela Kingsley.

Pamela "Pam" Kingsley is a journalist for GNN News. Tyler Clark is the Producer for GNN News. They have scheduled for an interview with Claus Hugo Strandberg at the Swedish Consulate, but their cameraman had eaten spoiled food and gotten sick. They are waiting for the replacement cameraman, Finley (Jeff Baker), near the consulate. Baker's outfit can be worn and you can talk to them with the outfit on. They will proceed to the interview with Strandberg. Ms. Persson will show them the way, and when in the interview area, Tyler requests the player to turn on the Camera. After the interview, Pamela and Tyler will process to the lobby. Kingsley's appearance, name, and nickname indicate that she is a reference to Pamela Beesly from the American mockumentary series The Office.

Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker.

Jeff Baker is a freelance cameraman in Marrakesh. Under the name Finley, he was hired by Tyler Clark and Pam Kingsley to record the interview with Claus Hugo Strandberg after their own cameraman got sick. However, he refuses to go near the consulate and stays near the Shisha Café instead.

Alden Riauff Hansson

Alden Riauff Hansson is a man who has lived in the Swedish consulate (for 3 years, 9 months and 27 days as of the mission A Gilded Cage) while seeking asylum from charges of leaking classified government documents. He laments to staff that he doesn't get nearly as much media attention as Claus Hugo Strandberg. He and his living arrangement are most likely a parody of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame.

Ellinor Westrup

Ellinor Westrup.

Ellinor Westrup is a fashion model working for Sanguine and a former IAGO model. Prior to Dalia Margolis' death, she was instructed to have a relationship with Moroccan army general Reza Zaydan to find out about some of his secrets. Westrup found out that he is responsible for Strandberg's liberation to cause upsets because of his plans to overthrow the Moroccan government. She's talking to someone named "Audrey" on the phone while hanging around in the shisha bar and tells her that she will soon break up with Zaydan and quit her spy activities. She plans to totally concentrate on her model career in the future.

Hanif Rasmi Antoun, Ubayy Saud Mifsud, Masruq Khalid Almasi, Ameen Mu’nis Salib and Mukarram Javid

They are the five officers of General Zaydan’s troops. Mukarram Javid is in the consulate basement, possibly in charge of the possible emergency extraction of Claus Hugo Strandberg. Hanif Rasmi Antoun is in the second floor of the school. He has a dialogue with Zaydan, where Zaydan will tells Hanif his plan to takeover Morocco. He has a wife who had an operation, just before Gilded Cage. Ubayy Saud Mifsud, is guarding the door to General Zaydan’s office, and will see through both, military officer and military elite disguises. Ameen Mu’nis Salib, is next to the armory room and walking around. Masruq Khalid Almasi, is training soldiers outside the front doors of the school.

Zaki Diab

Zaki Diab, also known as "The Fortune Teller" and "The Beggar". He sits in an alley with a plate in front of him. You can put money on the plate, for which he will thank you. The first three coins Zaki Diab keeps, but when the fourth one is placed, he will soon stand up, and go around the town and try to find something to buy. At the end of his routine, he goes to his old tent and unrolls a shotgun, remote explosive, baseball bat or an assault rifle from the carpets, which he places onto the ground. He then lies down and goes to sleep. This is odd behavior to say the least, and may indicate that Zaki Diab is possibly a member of Crystal Dawn, a criminal, or an agent of Reza Zaydan intending to cause chaos. It may also simply be a weapon he keeps for self-defense (unlikely in the case of the explosive.)

He also appears in A House Built on Sand, and is in the same tent where he unrolls the weapon in A Gilded Cage. The tent is now a fortune teller hut in business, and given that this mission takes place before A Gilded Cage, it is most likely that his business is not well, which results in him becoming a beggar. He talks to a customer, and Matthieu Mendola is waiting to be able to talk to Diab. The lights in his tent can be turned off, making Diab investigate this. He can be knocked out and his disguise can be worn. The player can then pacify the client and go talk to Mendola and lead him to Diab's tent, overpowering the smoke to prevent outside npc's from spotting illegal actions. The player can pacify or kill his clients, with the use of the Crystal Ball on the table. In this way the player can eliminate Mendola during a fortune telling session, though if the session goes on for too long, Mendola will become suspicious and leave.

Shuaib Aly

Shuaib Aly is leading the protest outside the Swedish Consulate. He can be found on a stand to the left of the Consulate's gates, using a megaphone to spout support of Crystal Dawn and make anti-capitalist statements. He will drink from a water bottle on a nearby table between speeches. A conversation Zaydan has with one of his lieutenants suggests that he was placed there as part of the false-flag operation against Crystal Dawn.

Shahin Abdul-Barr Maalouf

Shahin Abdul-Barr Maalouf is the former Headmaster of the school at Marrakesh. He is found on the roof of a shop owned by his son Marwan, near the northmost entrance to the school. He still has the Master Key to the school, which can be found on his table on the roof. He is currently plotting a novel called The Omega Charter, a book revolving around an ex-CIA spy called Nick Sparta, clearly based on the current happenings in Marrakesh. While plotting it out, he correctly guesses Zaydan's intent on using Strandberg as a lightning rod and the two being part of a conspiracy. His outfit can be worn.

In The Angel Of Death, he is missing and it is implied that Etta Davis - the main target of the mission - killed him. On the contrary, it is implied that Shahin managed to publish his book, as allusions to a novel series called Jack Sparta are found in The Finish Line and The Farewell, with the author having the publishing rights to a story based on the murder of Zachary Carlisle.

Terry Strong

Terry Strong is the owner of the Shoe Shop at Marrakesh. The shoe shop has been taken over by General Reza Zaydan’s troops, and there is a newly constructed tunnel between his shop and the Swedish Consulate of Marrakesh.

Hektor Lindberg

Hektor Lindberg is an intern at the Swedish Consulate of Marrakesh. He walks around the city in the start, and later enters the Consulate where he roams around the building. He can be subdued and his outfit can be taken, prompting Strandberg to invite the player to his office.

Ms. Persson

Ms. Persson is the receptionist at the Swedish Consulate of Marrakesh. She will stay at the front desk for the majority, if not all, of the time, unless interacted with. If Strandberg is killed, she will make an announcement asking for staff not to disclose his death to the public before heading to the upstairs conference room. She will drop a Shisha Cafe's member's card if subdued or killed.

Irshaad Ismail, Ashraf Raghib Mustafa, Khaleel Rani Nahas and Khuzaimah Afeef Saliba

They are the local printing crew in Marrakesh. When their dialogue is activated, Ashraf will briefly leave to spread some posters around. If you take Ashraf's disguise suit and talk to them, the group will proceed back to the School. General Zaydan will speak to the crew before they start. The group is posing as Crystal Dawn and placing Crystal Dawn posters as part of Zaydan's false-flag operation. Ashraf Raghib Mustafa wears a beige robe, dust mask and a brown scarf around his head, Irshaad Ismail wears a white sleeveless shirt, dust mask and and has a white bandanna. Khaleel Ranl Nahas has a beige polo shirt, beige balaclava-like mask and goggles. Khuzaimah Afeef Saliba has a blue beanie, red lumberjack shirt and an apron.

Håkan Almer

Håkan Almer is a worker at the Swedish Consulate of Marrakesh. He can be seen trying to build an Ikea Nöppli chair in the first floor of the Consulate. There is also an NPC with the same face and hair, called Håkan Almér, in Paris. He is taking pictures of the catwalk. They could be the same NPC, as there could be for example a typo.

A House Built on Sand

Nimr’ Arif Bahar

Nimr’ Arif Bahar is a landlord in Marrakesh. He can be seen leaving the Shisha Cafe and going to the ceramic shop, to look for it’s owner, who has not paid their rent. It is likely that he shut down the ceramics shop soon after, because in “A Gilded Cage” the ceramics shop is now a shoe shop, owned by Terry Strong. He carries a Shisha Cafe Invitation with him.

Guang Tseng

Guang Tseng is the bodyguard of Kong Tuo-Kwang, and will follow Kong around.

Sebastian Krogh

Sebastian Krogh is the man Zaki Diab is talking to when you start the level. It is heavily implied he is planning to attempt to kill his mother over fortune. He is also very paranoid that Zaki knows he lives under an alias.

Club 27

Dexy Barat

Dexy Barat.

Dexy Barat is Jordan Cross' manager. Two guards outside her suite claim that prior to working in the music industry, she was the CLO of a pesticide company and successfully argued that the plaintiffs of a major health-related lawsuit against them should pay them damages instead. She mentions to Thomas over the phone that she has multiple ex-husbands. When Jordan killed his girlfriend Hannah Highmoore, she was the very first person Jordan called for help. She then recommended involving Jordan's father Thomas Cross despite the father and son being estranged, and would continue to encourage Jordan to improve his relationship with Thomas.

Jordan's fateful argument with Hannah was somehow recorded on audio, and Jordan obsessively listened to it nightly before Dexy confiscated it, claiming it was for his own good. Unbeknownst to Jordan, Dexy used the recording as blackmail to extort money from Thomas Cross. During Club 27, Ken Morgan shows up to the Himmapan hotel to discuss the details in person, but due to a lazy Class crew member, he is made three hours late and Dexy calls Thomas directly instead.

In the Hitman 2 mission Three-Headed Serpent, famed tattoo artist Paul "P-Power" Powers begs his manager, named Dexy, to bail him out of having to tattoo the notoriously violent drug lord Rico Delgado. Many players have taken this to mean that Dexy Barat survived the incidents of Club 27 and went on to manage Powers.

Dexy, along with Heidi Santoro, reappear in Hitman 3's penultimate mission, The Farewell.

Mrs. Mookjai

Mrs. Mookjai.

Mrs. Mookjai is the manager of the Himmapan Hotel. She is usually found wandering around the hotel or in her office at the east wing. Employees often mention her strict work ethic and micromanagement, evident by several notes found throughout the level threatening to fire employees if they make mistakes. She thinks highly of both Thomas and Jordan Cross, but unlike most business associates of his father's, Jordan Cross is friendly towards her. If she is knocked out she will drop a master key card. She can see through just about any hotel employee disguise 47 wears.

Abel de Silva

Abel de Silva.

Abel de Silva is a well-known drummer on the New York indie rock scene. He was previously a member of the bands Death and Taxes and Flat Earth Society. During the mission Club 27, he is scheduled to audition to replace The Class's recently-departed drummer.

In real life, "Death and Taxes" and "Flat Earth Society" are songs by the American punk rock bands Kid Dynamite and Bad Religion, respectively. The latter may also be a nod to the Thomas Dolby album "The Flat Earth".

Heidi Santoro

Heidi Santoro.

Heidi Santoro is the lead guitarist of The Class. During Club 27, she and Jordan have strong creative differences and she openly contemplates leaving the band over Jordan's controlling behavior (as did their longtime drummer). She was a good friend of Hannah Highmoore, and some crew members of The Class privately speculate that she subconsciously resents Jordan for Hannah's death.

Santoro reappears in the driver's lounge of Hitman 2's second mission, The Finish Line.

She also reappears, along with Dexy Barat, during Hitman 3's penultimate mission, The Farewell.

Wes Liston

Wes Liston is the music recorder for The Class.

Otis Kaplan

Otis Kaplan.

Otis Kaplan is Ken Morgan's personal bodyguard. He follows, guards and talks to Morgan as they roam about the hotel. Otis is inquisitive and curious about the legal profession, as he asks Morgan several questions regarding the trade. He jokes that his conscience would not allow him to undertake certain activities that Morgan engages in. He wears black sunglasses, a dark suit and a grey tie.

Jackie Carrington & Julian

Jackie and Julian.

Jackie Carrington is an actress and former 90s sitcom star. In both Club 27 and The Source, she is renting Room 207 at the Himmapan Hotel and sleeping with Julian, a member of The Class's recording crew. Jackie is in Bangkok with another actress called Holly to meet a TV show director called Chao Fah, who is known for resurrecting the careers of has-been actors. Ken Morgan was once in a relationship with Jackie, although he is attempting to avoid running into her.

Julian can be found asleep and naked in her bedroom, while his clothes are in the bathroom. Julian also left the Branson MD-2 Microphone in her room, but is too tired to deliver it. Dialogue between recording crew members suggest that Julian has a reputation as a casanova.

If the player is undisguised and walks near Jackie while she is at the hotel bar, she will sometimes introduce herself to 47 and invite him to her suite, telling him to ignore Julian who was "just on his way out." Agent 47 will respond by saying "Be there in five."

At least two tourists near the Sapienza harbor appear to share the same character model and clothing as Jackie. One will occasionally cut through a corner of the mansion property on her way to and from the plaza area, opening doors that she should not logically have access to. Interestingly, HITMAN™ 2 changed the color of the character model's dress from blue to ochre.

Jackie Carrington puts a contract out on the paparazzo photographer Kieran Hudson.

Tarrin & Maelng

Tarrin and Maelng.

Tarrin and Maelng are the bug exterminators in Bangkok. Tarrin is found fuming bugs in the Cross side of the hotel, on the first floor, whilst Maelng is near the Bug Exterminator Van. There is bug poison in the van, which can be used to knock everyone out in the atrium. As there are only two people who use this outfit, either one can see through the exterminator disguise if it is worn by the player.



Bob is the assistant of Mrs. Mookjai, and will follow her around.

Callum Burgess

Callum Burgess is part of the Class's recording crew. He was instructed by Dexy Barat to deliver a sealed envelope to the hotel's front desk, but got high and neglected to deliver it for several hours. He frequently walks into one of the crew's hotel bathrooms, which is the ideal time to knock him out and take the note from him.

Kittinan Janpong, Hans Graub and Ratsami Panichwit

Kittinan, Hans and Ratsami, are the security elite of Himmapan Hotel. Kittinan Janpong runs the security room in floor two of the Cross side of the Himmapan Hotel, Hans Graub walks around in the basement, and Ratsami Panichwit is at the old security room, in the backyard.

Tharn Srisai

Tharn Srisai.

Tharn Srisai, is the head chef of the Himmapan Hotel kitchen. When his dialogue is activated, he will be on the phone with a member of the recording crew, talking about the cake topper for the birthday cake of Jordan Cross. After the phonecall, he will start preparing food, near the cake topper.

Benjamin Bertram

Benjamin Bertram.

Benjamin Bertram is a stalker currently obsessed with Heidi Santoro. As the mission begins he is illegally hiding in the penthouse of Ken Morgan's suite at the Himmapan Hotel, where he is spying on Santoro through the windows. If he sees you, he will immediately run away to hide. If he is followed again, he will again escape, but at one point, he will start asking the player to leave him alone. His outfit can be worn, but the whole map will become a Hostile Area when wearing it, which is justified by Ms. Mookjai telling security that a fan was seen jumping the wall earlier. Eavesdropping on a phone call he has with his friend reveals that he has a history of stalking celebrities, once being caught stalking a celebrity called Madison Lang.

The Source

Jeff & Rebecka

Jeff and Rebecka are a couple and members of the Liberation cult.

The couple are first found in The Source, talking in the Queen Suite's bathroom. Jeff refuses to commit ritual suicide with the group, feeling uneasy about Oybek Nabazov. This angers Rebecka, who tells him that he would do it if he really loved her. Jeff will then head to Room 207, where the two are staying, where he will type on a computer and call a tattoo removal service to remove the symbol of the group from his forehead.

Jeff can later be found in The Author, crying on a bench. There is a note next to him that says that Rebecka is gone, likely having committed suicide with the rest of the group, and after a short while, Jeff will proceed to run off a cliff to his death. Jeff cannot be seen on the bench if in the latest run of The Source, Jeff was killed. He will drop a Folding Knife if killed or subdued.

If Jeff survives the events of The Author, he appears again in The Vector, having somehow infiltrated the militia compound. He will eventually walk over to an oil barrel, say a prayer, and smoke a cigarette before immolating himself with it via the oil, unless 47 shoots and ignites the oil before he gets to it.

If he survives in The Vector, Jeff can make a final appearance in Patient Zero, having written another note in his room in which he speculates that Rebecka has become his guardian angel foiling his suicide attempts from the previous missions. If knocked out, he will drop an axe, a Katana, and a Modern Lethal Syringe, presumably the means of taking his own life mentioned in the second note. Should he be infected with the Nabazov Virus, he will immediately run to the railings of the garden and jump off.

Freedom Fighters

Finn Jacobs, Isaac Kay, Greg Barnes, Joshua Trumbo and Luke Poole

Finn, Isaac, Greg, Joshua and Luke are the hackers in Colorado. Finn Jacobs made the system that when a Smartwatch with the Explosive Battery receives the Email, it explodes, Joshua Trumbo and Greg Barnes are in downstairs, around the planning area. Isaac Kay is with Finn Jacobs, upstairs on the computers, and Luke Poole is playing video games alongside a Militia Elite Soldier.

Lloyd Burgess

Lloyd Burgess

Lloyd Burgess is the point man of the Private Militia, and their best soldier. He is a sharpshooter. He was hurt by the Ram in the training area, which injured his leg. Maya Parvati ordered him some painkillers hoping he would be fine with them. He limps as he walks and can be found from a loading stage (now a sleeping area) with a Militia Special Operations Soldier.

Robert Powell

Robert Powell

Robert Powell is the cook for the Colorado training camp for the militia. His outfit can be worn.

Matthew Robertson

Matthew Robertson is a militia technician in Sean Rose's unit. He been assigned by Rose himself to impersonate as an Interpol agent to test Penelope Graves's loyalty.

William Candler

William Candler is a Herald of Providence. He was captured and then trapped in the basement of the farmhouse, being drugged and interrogated by Ezra Berg regarding the identities of the Constant and the Partners, in addition to Gustavo Torres' motorcade route. Candler also correctly deduces that it was Viktor Novikov and IAGO that provided Lucas Grey with information on their activities in Sapienza and Marrakesh; Providence always has an operative at IAGO auctions to buy such information that they do not want exposed.

He is behind a glass and can be only killed with the Wicker Man Easter Egg, or an explosive phone.

Craig Abel & Timothy Guerrero

Craig Abel and Timothy Guerrero are the bodyguards of Penelope Graves.

Quince Elliott

Quince Elliott is the explosives engineer in charge of opening the Batty.

Reymond Kane

Reymond Kane is the technician working on the assault van.

Ewan Morton

Ewan Morton is the bodyguard of Sean Rose.

Gustavo Torres

Gustavo Torres

Gustavo Torres is the Mexican Secretary of Interior, and a Herald of Providence.. The Shadow Client's team had plans to assault his limousine as it was traveling the streets of Mexico City, kill Torres and his entourage, and retrieve valuable documents from inside the limo. Ezra Berg asks his captured Herald, William Candler, about Torres' exact traveling route, but even Candler doesn't know it.

In the HITMAN 2 mission Three-Headed Serpent, Andrea Martinez mentions that some sort of scandal has seriously undermined Torres' authority and that she wants to take advantage of the confusion.

Simon Deveraux

Most likely Simon Deveraux (Picture is from Freedom Fighters).

Simon Deveraux is the reclusive CEO of Biosphere, a company which produces clean power, and alleged by the Shadow Client's team to have ties to Providence. He is extremely well-guarded, which is why Sean Rose was planning to kill him by more unconventional means - upon learning Deveraux ordered a Link 4 smartwatch, Rose rigged one with a remote explosive and planned to switch it with Deveraux's order before delivery. Unfortunately, Rose was killed before the smartwatch could be delivered, so the assassination never happened.

According to Lowe, an Ark Society Architect, Deveraux purchased land in Greenland from the Danish government in support of the society's Hyperborea Initiative, which aimed to construct sustainable cities in the Arctic. This project would later be the planned headquarters for Arthur Edwards reformed Providence.

Deveraux was also known to give TED Talks, as mentioned by Architect Marek Sinclair.

Potential relatives of Deveraux's, Demi and Ash Deveraux, appear in The Farewell.

Situs Inversus

Jason Portman

Jason Portman.

Jason Portman is the former CEO of Quantum Leap, a technology startup from Silicon Valley that he recently sold for around $1 billion to Tim Quinn, whom he regularly plays golf with. He came to GAMA for extensive plastic surgery in hopes of looking like Helmut Kruger - likely in order to win back his ex-girlfriend Stacey, whom he calls on his cell phone while waiting in the resort lounge.

Portman, with new facial scars, can later be seen as an Ark member during The Ark Society mission and as a guest in The Last Resort.

Akira Nakamura

Akira Nakamura.

Nakamura is the director of the GAMA hospital in Hokkaido. He manages all processes in the hospital as well as the maintenance of KAI, the artificial intelligence of the facility. He is very friendly to all of the patients and likes to have a talk with them while strolling around through the hospital. His black hair is fake; he actually wears a wig, which will allow the player to successfully impersonate him by confiscating his clothes. Nakamura has access to every room in the GAMA Facility except for the operating theater. He is a fan of baseball, as indicated by the presence of a baseball bat and a souvenir baseball uniform in his office.

In a private dialogue between him and Yuki Yamazaki in the Zen garden it is revealed that Providence placed him as head of GAMA, implying he's their operative. He's fearful of both Yamazaki and Providence, and exercises caution regarding GAMA mishaps, such as the recent death of a patient from fugu poisoning, Soders' death, and the response to the "infiltration" by "Mr. Rieper." He did, however, admit to Yamazaki that Soders' heart was acquired illegally and they narrowly sidestepped Interpol.

If Erich Soders is killed, Nakamura will rush to the operating theatre, demanding that Yamazaki does not hear news about Soders' death. He will then head to his office, clearly stressed, to file a report.

Amos Dexter

Amos Dexter.

Amos Dexter is a wealthy Texan awaiting a lung transplant at GAMA. He is a heavy drinker and smoker, and while drunk he will try to walk into restricted areas and make racist comments to GAMA staff. His personality is quite obnoxious, insulting staff, making unreasonable demands, leaving his personal room in disarray and breaking facility rules. He's illegally storing beer, whiskey and cigarettes in his room. The cigarettes can be stolen to make an opportunity for killing Yuki Yamazaki.

He can later be seen as an Ark member during The Ark Society mission.

He may or may not be related to Blake Dexter, a wealthy arms manufacturer from South Dakota and the antagonist of Hitman: Absolution.

Dr. Nicholas Laurent

Laurent at work.

Dr. Nicholas Laurent is GAMA's chief surgeon flown in from Zurich to treat Erich Soders. Laurent is recently divorced, and if 47 starts the mission "Undercover in the Operating Theater", the hospital's KAI computer system hilariously offers to help him recover his "game" by running a dating simulator. Laurent is experimenting with a new form of unauthorized stem-cell treatment, and using it in Soders' surgery in the hopes of it gaining FDA approval.

Laurent suffers from trembling hands, and GAMA's helicopter pilot Nails provides him with illegal prescription drugs to remedy it - dialogue suggests that Laurent previously suffered from some form of drug addiction. 47 can disguise as Nails and lead him to his stash, causing Laurent to overdose. This will cause him to briefly botch Soders' operation.

Laurent's father, a military pilot, seemingly died from suicide by hanging himself - rummaging through Yuki Yamazaki's room for Soders' kill list reveals that Soders personally killed Laurent's father. If Laurent discovers this revelation, he will feel upset but decide not to take action. He will call Don Archibald Yates about this revelation. Loading the kill list onto Laurent's computer and letting him over-indulge in his medication is enough for Laurent to purposely kill Soders with the operating machine and make it look like an accident. Should this happen, he will head to a railing outside to sulk.

Dr. Katashi Ito

Dr. Katashi Ito.

Dr. Katashi Ito, nicknamed "The Curator", is in charge of GAMA's morgue. He runs an illegal organ trafficking ring that's suggested to be condoned by the hospital, and holds Interpol's Agent Smith captive in order to protect his secret.

He suffers from bipolar disorder, and participated in a medical trial by having an Ether-manufactured microchip planted in his brain capable of altering his mood with a remote control. Agent 47 can steal the remote and manipulate Ito into clearing a path to Erich Soders' donor heart, and also spur him to commit suicide by decreasing his dose (however, the player is rewarded for keeping Ito alive).

J. Brooke

The Yoga Instructor in Hokkaido. His other leg is hurt, and he is limping during Situs Inversus. Yuki Yamazaki has reserved all of the Yoga Lessons for herself and the Director Nakamura has been giving calls to him, but Brooke has dodged them. He can be seen calling his relative and ask him to call Director Nakamura and tell him Brooke left for a family emergency. He can be knocked out and his disguise can be worn. His first name is John, as heard in a phone call he makes to his younger brother in the garage.

Nokadota & Yuuto Saiki

Nokadota and Yuuto Saiki, are the personal bodyguards of Yuki Yamazaki, and they always follow closely behind her during the mission.

Philipa Wallis Fujioka

Philipa Wallis Fujioka is the doctor that escorts Jason Portman to the hospital to have his bandages removed. She is initially found waiting in the hospital garden before KAI announces Portman's checkup. After escorting him, she will then wander around the second floor of the hospital.


Nails is the helicopter pilot, right outside the surgery room on the helipad. He has drugs in a room under his helipad, which he will take drugs from and give them to Doctor Nicholas Laurent. His outfit can be worn. He is a former CICADA Pilot and was on a mission once in Shanghai.

Elusive Target Characters

Note that the deaths of Elusive Targets are not most likely canon, thus their fate is most likely different in the "real canon". However, several elusive targets did appear in the Hitman 3 story mission "End of an era".

Simone Larin

Simone Larin is the wife of Sergei Larin and the owner of Palais de Walewska. She put the hit on her husband, and was safely in New York during the assassination.

Gonzáles Narváez

Gonzáles Narváez is the brother of Dylan Narváez and they run a semi-legit tobacco business together. Gonzáles put the hit on his brother Dylan, for the full ownership of the business

Gary Cole

Gary Cole is the co-star of Gary Busey and based off the real-life Gary Cole.


Whitecap is the hacker partner of Owen Wagner. His real name is unknown. Both were hired by Dalia Margolis, to do a big hack attack during the Sanguine fashion show.


Kalu Oijofor

Kalu Oijofor is the son of Adeze Oijofor.

Tommy "The Hammer" Stoakes

Tommy "The Hammer" Stoakes, is the former partner of Bartholomew Argus. Both were arrested due to charges on illegal weapons trade, but Argus managed to put all the blame on Tommy and walk away, whilst Tommy was thrown into prison. Tommy put the hit on Argus. He also wields a big hammer, which has gained him the nickname "The Hammer".

Edilio Napolitano / Katherine Feller / Keith Keeble

Keith Keeble is the current client of scam artist Richard J. Magee in "The Guru" mission. His family has paid for ICA to kill Richard and free Keith of his clutches before his savings run out. Katherine Feller is Keith Keeble’s lawyer and works in Vulkova and Partners, a Luxemborg based law firm, whilst Edilio Napolitano is Richard J. Magee’s lawyer. Weirdly, Edilio uses the same model and clothes as Salvatore Bravuomo, both have offices in the same place and both are from Sapienza.


Amanda is a friend of Walter Williams whom he calls during "The Blackmailer" mission.

Lucas Thorvaldsson

The Diamond Courier for Claus Strandberg and Xander Haverfoek. A Swedish intelligence worker.


The Escort for Brendan Conner.

Chef Bernard

The chef in Himmapan Hotel in The Food Critic mission. His speciality is experimental oriental, cohesive cuisine and living food.



Locksley is a reclusive millionaire and a client of ICA, possibly residing in England. Locksley is known for calling the hits on Pertti Järnefelt, Craig Black, Brother Akram, Oybek Nabazov, Sister Yulduz, Bradley Paine, Owen Cage and Klaus Liebleid. They are also a friend of Taheiji Koyama, and told him about ICA, thus giving him the idea to call the hits on Scott Sarno, Gary Lunn, Walter Menard, John Stubbs, Patrick Morgan and Taheiji himself.

Highmoore Family

John Highmoore, Jessica Highmoore and Hannah Highmoore are the known Highmoores. Despite their many appearances, only Hannah Highmoore has been shown ingame, during the Club 27 Briefing. John Highmoore is the CEO of Highmoore Consulting and Jessica and Hannah are his daughters. Hannah was the former girlfriend of Jordan Cross, who pushed her off the balcony of his penthouse in New York. With the help of Dexy Barat, Ken Morgan and Thomas Cross, Jordan managed to escape the blame. Angered by this, the rest of the Highmoores called a hit on Jordan and Ken, with the hints they had gotten from The Shadow Client. In Paris, Helmut Kruger has been called by Dalia for an IAGO Operation. Dalia tells Helmut that his target is Jessica Highmoore. Helmut is supposed to befriend, and through her, get to John Highmoore and get information about John Highmoore and Highmoore Consulting. Jessica Highmoore was also one of the potential victims of Walter Williams was hired to kill until Agent 47 killed him.