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Hamsun Oil is an oil company used as one of several covers for Providence. They are mentioned across the World of Assassination trilogy.


  • In the mission Freedom Fighters you can hear two soldiers having a dialogue about Olivia Hall, who is involved in an operation against Hamsun Oil in Reykjavík, Iceland.
  • Hamsun Oil is among the sponsors of Sierra Knox's race car in The Finish Line.
  • It was a failed raid on the Hamsun Oil freighter "Frances King" in 2014 that broke up The Maelstrom's crew, leading to the events of Chasing a Ghost.
  • Godfrey Hagen, one of the Ark Society's "Original Five" co-founders, is likely in charge of Hamsun Oil.
  • The company is most likely based in Norway, as "Hamsun" is a name originating from said country. Also, Norway is famous for being one of the biggest oil producers in the world.
  • They're largely controlled by Carl Ingram and the Ingram Family.