The Handyman outfit is a disguise found in HITMAN™. It allows 47 to manipulate motorcycles, phone booths, sockets and switches without causing suspicion.


A Gilded Cage & A House Built on Sand

Worn by the handymen working at the market. Worn by the handymen working at the market. It doesn't grants access to any restricted areas. It is, however, useful to manipulate various object in public places.  

Situs Inversus & Patient Zero

Worn by the handymen of the Gama Hospital. In Situs Inversus Handymen are allowed in the basement (except the hospital staff’s sleeping quarter), the resort (except the security office and all VIP guest rooms) and the outside areas.

In Patient Zero the handymen are allowed inside the three unoccupied VIP suits. Other than that the disguise is the same as in Situs Inversus.


The Handyman outfit appears in the following missions:



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