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Hank "Buddy" Leitch Muldoon was Skip Muldoon's son and heir. He was killed by Agent 47 on his private wedding ceremony which was arranged for their friends and family to celebrate.


Early Life

He was the son and heir of Skip Muldoon, a cruise ship operator and rumored drug smuggler. After his father was killed, he became the leader of the Blue claws.

Hitman: Blood Money

Buddy was particularly excited about sleeping with his fiancé, Margeaux LeBlanc, who is his cousin, although he considers her "outside his own family."


He was killed on their wedding day, in an assassination presumably ordered by Margeaux.



  • If 47 is disguised as the priest and marries them at the chapel, Buddy is quite enthusiastic while Margeaux is visibly disgusted, even refusing the traditional kiss from Buddy (after which Buddy is still in very good spirits).
  • He will occasionally appear in the front yard of the mansion and fire his six shooter, use this to identify Buddy if you cannot find him in the crowd.
  • Buddy appears to have inherited his father's sweet tooth.