Dr. Hannelore von Kamprad is the primary target for the mission The Death of Hannelore. She was the main propagandist and personal physician of the Indian cult leader, Deewana Ji.


She was a relatively attractive woman in a doctor's coat with her red hair in a bun. She was extremely greedy and rude to the patients, and stole flowers and chocolate from one of them even in the patient's plain sight.

Agent 47 immediately deduced that her only concerns were the wealthy patients, proven to be true when he impersonated a patient and consulted her. She mistook him for a wealthy patient named Lord Sinclair, a man in need of a kidney transplant.


She was later assassinated by 47 in her office, who later hid her body in a medicine cabinet.



  • Her name and accent strongly suggests that she is German.
  • She is the first female target in the Hitman series, and the only one in the first three games. The next female target was Angelina Mason in Hitman: Blood Money.
  • She is a very greedy woman who charges $50,000 per operation plus any extra expenses that might occur. The price is somewhat steep for a kidney operation in India, but is actually a good deal compared to prices in the United States (which sometimes go for over $100,000).
  • If the player does not poison her drink when posing as Lord Sinclair, she will eventually ask 47 for Sinclair's wife's name (which 47 obviously does not know), prompting 47 to respond "Er, else?", blowing 47's cover and causing her to flee her office to alert the guards.