Hantu Port is a port on the coast of Singapore. It makes its appearance in The Pen and the Sword, a Sniper Assassin mission featured in HITMAN™ 2.

Events of HITMAN™ 2

Following the capture of a Khandanyangan defector, Hantu Port was temporarily occupied by a branch of the Heavenly Guard, led by Jin Noo. Han Ldong, along with his wife, had been captured from his home in the US before being smuggled out of the Americas and into Singapore by shipping container. Once the pair had arrived at the port, they were planned to be transported to another shipping container aboard a cargo ship, which would sail to Khandanyang. From there, they were to await a public execution in the name of the country's dictator.

Once the capture of Ldong had gone public, a contract was quickly sent out against the Heavenly Guard. Either Agent 47, or sniping duo Knight and Stone, traveled to Singapore and intercepted the military force during their occupation of Hantu Port. Jin Noo and his entire branch were eliminated, including two other key members, Re Thak and Lhom Kwai.


  • As an easter egg, Carlton Smith can be found locked and naked within another shipping container at Hantu Port.
    • It is unknown why Carlton Smith was locked in the shipping container.
    • It is unknown why Carlton Smith was naked in the shipping container.


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