The Headmaster outfit is an unique disguise that can be found in HITMAN™.


This outfit it worn by the headmaster on the roof of the shop adjacent to the school. The only advantage gained by the disguise is that Agent 47 is no longer considered trespassing while walking around on said roof. However, as no other NPC goes near that area normally, it renders the suit useless in that regard.

The headmaster's son, found downstairs, as well as the woman he’s talking to can see through the disguise. The woman will walk around on the market after the end of the conversation, so 47 may accidentally run into her and blow his cover.

The challenge “The Headmaster’s Revenge” requires that the player dress as the headmaster, sneak into the school, find all the children’s drawings and then kill Reza Zaydan.


The Headmaster outfit appears in the following missions:


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