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Heather McCarthy is a new character introduced in Hitman: Absolution and a member of an elite group of killers, code-named The Saints.[1]


Currently, little is known other than she is a member of the elite ICA team, code-named "The Saints". She is searching for and training potential new members for this group under the specific orders of Benjamin Travis.

Extremely brutal and aggressive champion in combat. She is shown to be particularly proficient in hand to hand combat as evident by her severe blows which not only disarmed Agent 47 but also knocked him down.

She is also known to have served time in Folsom's women prison.

ICA File

  • Name: McCarthy, Heather
  • Date of Birth: 03.17.1975
  • Hair: Red
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Eyes: Green
  • Nationality: American
  • Rank: Eagle
  • Gender: F
  • Children: N/A
  • Relationship: N/A
  • Sponsor: ICA-PF-579113/TRAVIS
  • Citizenships: N/A
  • File No.: ICA-PF-121500
  • Initiative: The Saints
  • Distinguishing Marks: N/A
  • Val: N/A
  • Amt: N/A
  • File Clearance: Tetra
  • ID: ICA-PF-121500/MCCARTHY



  • In the game, she wears an eye patch over her left eye. In promotional material, she doesn't.
  • She is the only saint wearing a thin leather band around her neck.
  • The heels and laces of her shoes are of red color which is unique amongst the other saints since all of them wore black thigh high boots. The only exception being Dixon who sports a white colored shoe.
  • In the "Attack of the Saints" trailer, she seemed to be the most effective than the others as she responded to Agent 47's surprise attacks with a series of quick reflexes and did the most damage to him.
  • Curiously, in the "Attack of the Saints" trailer 47 knocked her down with a face punch, which implies that she might have survived. But later, the "ICA Files" trailer shows Dixon to be the only one who survived despite the fact that she was shot two times by 47.  
  • Her last name "McCarthy" is of Irish origin.


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