Helen McAdams is a central character in Hitman: Damnation. She is personal assistant to Charlie Wilkins, a professed member of his church, and Agent 47's girlfriend (albeit while he is undercover as Stan Johnson). Her parents died in a car crash and her sister of ovarian cancer, leaving her with no immediate family. A boyfriend in college got her addicted to heroin, and after two failed rehab stints and a relapse, she attempted suicide by slashing her arms. She survived and joined the Church of Will to make her life more positive.

She is the first to welcome 47 to Greenhill when he applies for his gardening job, and takes a liking to him immediately. Their relationship lasts about two weeks, before she was outraged and heartbroken to learn of 47's true identity. Days later, she is shot in the chest by a New Model Army member during a riot at a Wilkins rally, and 47 gives her a mercy kill before eliminating Wilkins.