Hidden Valley is the eighth mission of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. It is the second part of the hit on Masahiro Hayamoto and is also the second mission set in Japan.

After assassinating Masahiro Hayamoto Jr., Agent 47 tracks down Masahiro Hayamoto at Katsuyama Castle, where he is residing.

The target of this mission is Masahiro Hayamoto.

Mission briefing

H2SA - Hidden Valley - Photo (Equipment Truck)

Photo of the truck containing the equipment

47 — this is Diana from Agency. We've been monitoring the small tracking device in the late Hayamoto Jr.
We managed to track down Hayamoto Sr., thanks to your fine work. We're quite excited since Hayamoto hasn't been registered in public for more than 15 years.
He emerged at one of his castles in central Japan. This makes it a very tricky assignment.
You must make your way through some very tough security and bypass a lot of electronic surveillance in order to access the castle undetected.
You might need to take out the power grids to the alarm units. The whole area is studded with tripwires, guards, substations, alarm units, guard towers, etc.
Strategic planning is extremely important — all their systems are on high alert, so consider your moves there. Your equipment is hidden in a truck just outside the entry gates.
When you get the equipment we'll brief you on the position of alarm units as well as guard movements.
47 — I repeat: Find the truck with equipment, wait for our briefing, get to the castle undetected, and take out the castle alarm before entering.


  • Locate the secret passage.


  • SMG-SD6 - Carried by a majority of the guards.
  • W2000 Custom Rifle - Carried by all of the snipers in the towers.
  • Katana - Carried by the ninjas in the room near the vehicle checkpoint.
  • Crossbow - By the Agency pickup.


  • Ninja
  • Sniper



Guard nexto the equipment truck and the crossbow.
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