Disambig This article is about the hideout that appears in Hitman: Blood Money. For the hideout in Hitman: Contracts, see Training Area.

Agent 47's Hideout is his home in Hitman: Blood Money, and serves as an area for the player to practice firing weapons and to store firearms they have collected on missions.


The hideout is set within a severely dilapidated basement. The main entrance leads down a set of wooden stairs into a makeshift living quarters for 47, and home to his pet canary. There is a bricked up doorway, and an open doorway leads down into a much larger room containing all of the firearms that the player has retrieved from missions. Several paper targets are arranged at the end of the room, and ammo is arranged on a table on the opposite side of the room. There is a stairwell leading further down, but is completely blocked with cardboard boxes and inpassable.

To the left of the paper targets is an opening into an inaccessible shooting range filled with fragile objects, where the player can practice shooting vases, bottles, and explosive canisters. Rats can be found all throughout the hideout and can be shot and killed, leaving large puddles of blood.

Firearm collection

The hideout contains gun-racks where the player can collect weapons to use for training or brought along on later missions. The gun racks can be found on the pillars in the training area. Weapons can be added to the collection by finding them during a mission and placing them in an ICA crate before exiting the level. Melee weapons cannot be added to the collection.

The game begins with five weapons available to 47:

All of these weapons can be customized before each mission, and are fully loaded with ammo when in the hideout. All other firearms cannot be customized. Additionally, the Mark III is a weapon that is part of the collection but cannot be obtained through normal means. If cheats are used to obtain it, it will be placed alongside the Shotgun and the M14.



  • 47 can only wear his suit on this level as there are no available disguises.
  • There are no NPCs on this level, and the briefing cannot be accessed.


  • Agent 47's pet Canary, albeit in its cage, is indestructible and cannot be killed.
  • If the player watches the cinematic trailer on the menu screen, they will be able to see Agent 47 drop down from the ceiling of the Hideout and attack a C.I.A Agent. This does not happen in-game.
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