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With lush gardens and decadent chateaus, Himmelstein is a popular location for the lavish traveler and the perfect location for an event or wedding. This location appears in the Sniper Assassin game mode.


  • As explained by Reddit user alban3se, the crowd in Himmelstein do not have any eyes. Link: 
  • The sniper rifle that Agent 47 uses in this mission is the Sieger 300, the same sniper rifle used in the the escalation, The Cheveyo Calibration in A House Built on Sand in Marrakesh.
  • Oddly enough, Himmel and Stein both mean Sky (Himmel) and Stein (Stone) in German. So, the location itself is called Sky Stone. This isn't a coincidence, considering the palace is placed high above stones and mountains and also appearing to "touch" the sky.