The PC version of Hitman: Blood Money features several cheat commands that can be used to enable certain debug features. To enable the use of cheats in the game, hitmanbloodmoney.ini must be edited to add EnableCheats 1 at the end of the file. In-game, pressing C will enable the cheat console.

The cheat console is disabled with Patch 1.2. A different hitmanbloodmoney.ini can be edited to renable the feature by adding the same code. The file is located in [Hard Disk letter]\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files(x86)\Eidos\Hitman Blood Money

Alternatively, players can use a third-party trainer which includes the game's standard cheats. The trainer application must be initialised while the game is already running and a specific number must be entered to use cheats; the number will correspond to the version of the game (Steam or retail).

List of cheats

Cheat Code Effect Notes
godmode Infinite health 47 can still be killed by Eve and ? if caught in their traps, as these are scripted deaths.
invisible NPCs will ignore 47 Some NPCS can still see 47 with this cheat enabled, and characters can still become suspicious.
testcloth Changes 47 into a random disguise Selects from disguises available on the level. 47's Suit cannot be retrieved after use.
giveall Gives 47 almost every item available in the game Known to frequently crash the game and result in invisible items.
givesome Gives 47 all items available in current level This command does not seem to actually work
infammo Infinite ammo Ammo count remains at 999. Only takes effect after firing a single shot.
infclip Infinite magazine capacity Disables the need to reload firearms
beam here Teleports 47 to the spot highlighted by the crosshairs May cause issues if an area outside the level is selected
teleport Teleports 47 to various points of interest in the level Targets can also be teleported to with this command.
completelevel Instantly completes the level
show OSD Toggles the on-screen display (OSD) This command is activated by default. Disabling this command will disable the OSD.
timemutiplier Adjusts the speed of time 1.00 is the default time speed