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This article lists several cheats that can be used in Hitman: Codename 47.

Profile Cheats

Labeling your profile with certain names will cause different effects.

Profile Name Effect
Kim Bo Kastekniv Unlocks all levels.

Key-based Cheats

While these may not totally be cheats, certain commands are attached to keys, and when pressed have varying effects.

Key Effect
Scroll Lock Runs the game in slow motion.

Console Cheats

To enable the console to enter the following cheats, you need to go to the root folder of Codename 47, and find a file named "Hitman.ini." Open the file, and enter "EnableConsole 1" at the bottom, and for precaution, "EnableCheats 1," and save the file.

After the configuration has been made, run the game, and during a level, press the tilde key (` and/or ~) to open the console, and the player can enter these cheats:

Cheat Deactivation Effect Notes
god 1 god 0 Agent 47 becomes invincible. Armor is lost when being hit, but health isn't.
invisible 1 invisible 0 Agent 47 becomes invisible to enemy AI. Enemies will still react to sound.
giveall N/A Agent 47 obtains all weapons/items. N/A
infammo N/A Agent 47 obtains infinite ammo. InfiniteAmmo is kept capped at 1,007 bullets in reserve, and can jump down to 999.
disablecui enablecui Disables/enables the HUD. Crosshair is not included when disabling the HUD.
ip_debug 1 ip_debug 0 Turns on debug mode. Debug text will appear on screen, and may be unreadable at higher resolutions.
ip_timemultiplier ### (/#.##) ip_timemultiplier 1.0 Time in-game can be slowed, or quickened. N/A

TimeMultiplier Presets

User-made presets for ip_timemultipler, for easy speed choice.

  • 0.01-0.10 to almost stop time (0 stops it completely).
  • 0.30-0.70 for Matrix-esque speed.
  • 0.70-0.99 for Lite-Slowmotion.
  • 1.0-6.00+ for Blitzkrieg Mode (Ultra-Fast).

Debug Cheats

When enabling ip_debug 1, certain keys become available for debug modes.

Key Effect Notes
0 (Zero) Cycles graphic modes in real-time. Direct3D is default detail with lighting/shading, OpenGL is default detail but fullbright (no lighting), and 3DFX/Glide (unless you have a 3DFX/Glide graphics card) is broken, untextured and fullbright.
F Teleports Agent 47 to the respawn point. May not work until Agent 47 has died at least once, and respawned.
H Sets the camera onto Agent 47. Use if stuck in Freecam mode, or character view mode.
J Agent 47 will jump. Holding J longer will increase jump height.
K Enable Freecam mode. Works well with disablecui. Camera can be moved with the arrow keys.
O Enables overhead camera. Camera can not be controlled in this mode. Performance issues may occur.
T Renders all rooms simultaneously, whether they're in-view or not. Pairs well with Wireframe mode. Will drop performance to very low levels.
Y Turns on Wireframe mode. Renders the entire world, and the UI in Wireframe.
Pause/Break Pauses the game. Pausing freezes the image in-game.
TAB Changes camera forward to a random civilian. Use H to set back to Agent 47.
CTRL+S Skips level (with no penalties, unless already committed). N/A
CTRL+F9 Teleport to position (highlighted by crosshair). Agent 47 can not be teleported from lower surfaces onto higher ones, only ones on the same level.
SHIFT+TAB Changes camera to a previously viewed civilian. Use H to set back to Agent 47.
SHIFT+F11 Kill any NPC the crosshair is hovering over. NPCs killed will not be found.
SHIFT+F12 Launch any NPC the crosshair is hovering over forwards. This will also kill NPCs. NPCs killed will not be found. Launches dead bodies, too.


  • Some unusable equipment in the game will appear in your inventory when you use the giveall cheat, such as:
  • According to some code in HitmanDlc.Dlc in the Codename 47 directory, there is a reference item named "Clonecontroldevice" under "CloseCombat," "XtraCloseCombat" and "SuperCloseCombat." It isn't mentioned otherwise.
    • There's also a "Shuriken" mentioned.