The Hitman 2 Christmas Game is a promotional flash game developed by the now-defunct Noise Media, and released by Eidos Interactive to promote {Hitman 2: Silent Assassin during the holiday season.


Christmas Massacre

Santa's elves are planning to ruin Christmas, and Santa Claus is forced to make "the call". In other words, hire Agent 47 to assassinate the elves and save Christmas. When Agent 47 arrives, he is baraded with an army of killer elves which he must kill. After a certain amount of elves are killed, a "Boss Elf" will appear. Once the boss is reduced to one bar of health, Santa himself will arrive in his sleigh and kill the boss with the aid of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, who proceeds to urinate on the boss afterward.


Agent 47 is located stationed outside a small wooden cabin, and elves will constantly run at him. Using dual AMT Hardballers, he is able to kill them when they approach. It typically takes 1 shot to kill a normal elf to die, and the boss takes more than 20.

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