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The timeline of Hitman is a chronological series of events that take involve Agent 47 and his experiences throughout the Hitman media.

The series of games by developer Io-Interactive, with the books and comics are taken into account. The two films are exempted from this timeline.



1930s - 1940s

  • The Ivory White is looted during the second World War.
  • Pertti Järnefelt takes part of the volunteer SS Wiking Brigade.


April 17

  • Mark Faba is born in Yorkshire, England.


  • A former youth correctional facility in the Carpathian Mountains near Brașov in Romania is overtaken by a Soviet research fund called "Institute for Human Betterment".


  • Clone #47 is successfully cloned on September 5th, 1964.


  • An IRA bombing in London occurs, with Mark Faba being a witness.



  • #47's first pet dies, marking the first time he ever cried.[1]


  • Erich Soders begins his career as an ICA agent.
  • After a coup d'etat in Santiago de Chile, socialist president Salvador Allende is disposed and replaced by a military junta under Augusto Pinochet.


  • At age 12, #47 kills a fellow clone out of revenge, and escapes the asylum, only to be found and taken back for harder training, after a full course breakfast.[1]
  • After his father disappears without a trace, possibly because of illegal communist activities, Jorge Franco and his family have to flee Chile and resettle in the United States.


  • Mark Faba establishes contact with the hacker scene



  • Erich Soders assassinates Doctor Roman Laurent, with a noose he put around his neck while he was sitting in his chair, to kick the chair in order to strangulate him


  • Erich Soders assassinates Edith van Orten, the tobacco widow, in a car accident


  • Jasper Knight assassinates the U.S. Soviet ambassador, who tried to defect to the West, and then flees to communist Cuba.
  • Erich Soders assassinates Jasper Knight.


  • Etta Davis works at the Graverslyside Hospital as a nurse.
  • Adalrico Candelaria is involved with the Pinochet regime and the disappearances of opposition members
  • The Yardbirds reach the height of their career
  • The "Shamal Casino Affair" occurs
  • Kong Tuo-Kwang rises to power with his company, ChinaCorp.
  • Mark Faba gets arrested by the government and joins MI5.


17th July

  • During the so called "Cocaine Coup", Bolivian general Luis Garcia Meza topples the Bolivian government and establishes a right-wing dictatorship. One of the high ranking supporters of this coup is the fascist paramilitary leader Vicente Murillo.


  • Erich Soders retires from his assassin role at the ICA.


9th May

25th October to 15th December

  • Anthony L. Troutt, a navy captain, is involved in a friendly fire incident during the United States invasion of Grenada, which is later covered up during the aftermath


  • After dissension with the Kremlin, Janus retires from his position at the KGB and defects to the United States.


  • The Soviet research facility near Brașov is abandoned after a fire.
  • Diana Burnwood's parents are killed with a car bomb by #47 and #6 (Lucas Grey) while visiting the grave of James Burnwood, her brother.
  • The assassination of Martin Lohrmann and Severin Weiss.
  • The assassination of Tor Halversom.
  • #47 assassinates Officers Vasillev, Buklin, Slavsky and Mesyats.
  • The assassination of Michael Lisk.
  • The assassination of two unidentified men in Prague, Czechslovakia.
  • The Berlin Wall is demolished.
  • #47 and #6 attack the Asylum resulting in #47 surrendering and #6 escaping.
  • #47's memory is wiped by Dr. Ort-Meyer.


  • The Yardbirds disband
  • The operation to target and acquire the contents of a looted bank went wrong, and a group of civilians were caught in the crossfire, with no casualties to the SIGMA unit.



  • Jordan Cross is born
  • The SIGMA unit, a CICADA elite unit, begin their operations in Bosnia in service of the Yugoslav Army and are responsible for several severe war crimes.


  • The assassination of an unidentified man in London, England by 47.


  • Erich Soders gets his first heart-transplant.


  • All the patients at the Asylum, except #47, slowly start to die due to the infectous medications.


  • #47 kills #81 and becomes the only surviving clone.
  • Dr. Ort-Meyer is forced by the first Constant to give up #47 to them.
  • Training at the Asylum.[2]
  • Taheiji Koyama retires from CICADA.


  • Etta Davis kills 2 people in Sansbury County.


  • Kalvin Ritter gets killed by an unknown ICA agent in Sydney, Australia.
  • The assassination of four unidentified men in Hong Kong, China.
  • The assassination of Franklin Marchand and four ICA Agents.
  • Diana offers 47 a job at the Agency.


  • Etta Davis murders 7 people in the Holmsworth County.





  • Etta Davis murders 5 people in the Witbury County


May - August

  • Etta Davis murders 17 people in the Shaelsworth County



  • Etta Davis murders 5 people in West Umbrage


  • Ken Morgan successfully leads the defense of Chelsea Whitmore, a teenage high-society girl accused of killing a homeless man and framing her cheerleading rival.
  • Former KGB agent Janus settles down in the quit suburban town of Whittleton Creek, Vermont.

January 10, 2004

February 29, 2004

March 17, 2004

March 31, 2004

May 15, 2004

October 25, 2004


  • Etta Davis kills 11 people in North Willoughby

December 24, 2004


  • Claus Hugo Strandberg assumes the position as CEO of Morocco’s largest private bank, AMB.
  • Vito Đurić is involved in a high-speed smuggling craft operation in Caracas.

January 12, 2005

February 17, 2005

June 9, 2005

August 15, 2005

September 22, 2005

Late Fall, 2005



  • Sean Rose bombs a supposedly vacated government officer in Auckland, New Zealand in the name of the Pristine Army. Two adults, and seven young children die.
  • All leaders of the Pristine Army get apprehended



  • Vito Đurić smuggles MiG 29 fighter jets in Serbia.


February 8, 2013

February 9, 2013

February 10, 2013



February 11, 2013

February 12, 2013



February 13, 2013


August, 2013


  • The hijacking of the Frances King, a TI-class supertanker, by The Maelstrom and his crew. Nineteen pirates, eight Chinese soldiers and twenty-five innocent sailors die.
  • Viktor Novikov ends his illegal operations and purchases Sanguine, relocating to Paris, and becoming a ringleader to IAGO.


  • Vito Đurić smuggles Kronstadt Industries combat remotes in Tehran.
  • The Soiree Horrible is founded by Mr. Giggles.
  • After selling his mansion in Tel Aviv, former Mossad interrogator Ezra Berg disappears without a trace.


  • Vito Đurić smuggles submersible missile launch systems in Pyong-Yang.
  • Vito Đurić smuggles a space-based laser prototype in Johannesburg.
  • Jonathan Smythe kills 3 people in a car accident.


  • Vito Đurić smuggles an Indian Army autonomous combat vehicle in Pune.
  • Torvik Research wins the "Scandinavian Tiger Award 2017"
  • Maya Parvati loses an arm during an attack on a Hamsun Oil freighter.


  • Vito Đurić gets indicted by the ICT in The Hague.


  • Vito Đurić smuggles a “Taarnfalken 2” drone in Roskilde.
  • Jordan Cross accidentally murders Hannah Highmoore in his penthouse loft in Dumbo, New York.
  • Dictator Jin Po kills dozens of protestors with drone strikes in the event known as "Tungan Valley Incident".



  • The assassination of Alma Reynard and discovery of the Knox's betrayal of providence by siding with The Shadow Client.
  • The ICA Board decides that The Militia and Shadow Client are threats to the ICA.
  • The assassination of Robert Knox and his daughter Sierra Knox.
  • Meeting of the partners and the constant, leading members of providence and discovery of the shadow clients identity by providence as Lucas Grey, the late Eugene Cobb's ex-head of security. Conversation about Grey's trust in Agent 47 between Olivia Hall and Lucas Grey.
  • Discovery of how The Militia moves around undetected through using The Delgado Cartel's distribution network.
  • The assassination of Andrea Martinez, Rico Delgado and Jorge Franco.
  • Diana visits the graves of her family members in Surrey, England and remembers the death of her parents. Lucas Grey steals a sample of an antidote to Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer's amnesia inducing serum and the murder Ether's CEO, Neleis De Waal by the explosion of Ether's headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • The Militia exposes providence to the world through a hostage tape.
  • The assassination of Vanya Shah, Dawood Rangan and Wazir Kale (aka The Maelstrom).
  • Agent 47 and Lucas Grey meet and Grey convinces 47 to become his ally.
  • Meeting between Diana Burnwood, Lucas Grey, Olivia Hall and Agent 47 about how to go forward with dismantling providence, they decide to go after the first constant, 47 is given the antidote thus giving him his memories back, they find out his name, Janus; the legendary cold war spymaster.
  • The assassination and framing of Janus and the murder of Nolan Cassidy, the head of Janus' security detail and providence herald.
  • The plan to kidnap current constant, Arthur Edwards is formed.
  • Second meeting of the partners and the constant, concluding that Janus was indeed the shadow client and that Arthur Edwards needs to have a kill switch (in this case a poison chip), in the case that treachery is contagious.
  • The discovery that Arthur Edwards had a poison chip in his neck and that Zoe and Sophia Washington both have the switch to activate the poison chip by a source on the island.
  • The assassination of Zoe Washington, Sophia Washington and the extraction of the constant.
  • The Interrogation of Arthur Edwards.
  • The assassination of Athena Savalas and the retrieval of the Providence Partners' identities.
  • The assassination of Ljumilla Vetrova, Steven Bradley and Tyson Williams.


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