Policy This page documents an official policy that is in effect all across the Hitman Wiki.
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This is a list of users who have either been banned or have been given warnings.

Strike System

Administrators are obligated to assign verbal warnings beforehand if a small misdemeanor or misunderstanding to users before giving a strike. The strike system can be archived here for other admins to view and review offenses. This system is intended to be unbiased and will serve as a track record for choice users.

Should an admin believe that one of their peers are being unfair or needs better understanding of the situation, they should report so to the admin whom assigned the strike and discuss the matter. If the strike is considered unfair, it will be pardoned. This is the only viable way to lift a strike from your record.

  • First Strike: You will be given a verbal warning along with other appropriate and short-time restrictions in accordance to misbehavior, if necessary.
  • Second Strike: You will be issued a ban from the wiki that can last from 12 hours to 2 days.
  • Third Strike: You will be banned from the wiki for 7-30 days depending on the extremity of your actions.
  • Goodbye: Failure to obey the rules after a third strike will result in a permanent ban from this wiki.

Note that Anonymous users do not get strikes, they will be permanently IP banned right away for breaking the rules or repeatedly making bad edits.

Also note that users who are beneath the minimum required age for creating a Wikia account (13) will get banned, although they might be able to write some sort of message before they leave.

First Strike Offenders

Second Strike Offenders

None yet.

Third Strike Offenders

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Banned Users

Note that anonymous users will not be listed.

None yet.