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Hope is a small town located in the fictional Hope County somewhere in South Dakota, USA and is a featured location in the game Hitman: Absolution.

The licenses plates on cars in Hope County suggest Hope is really Rapid City, SD (South Dakota plates that start with 2 indicate Pennington County).


Throughout the game, Agent 47 encounters several of the county and town's inhabitants. These include:

  • Sheriff Clive Skurky, the town's abusive and corrupt Sheriff.
  • Judge Dennis Strickland, a criminal judge at the Hope County Court.
  • Lilly Dukes, the daughter/granddaughter of the owner of Hope's gun shop and the finest shot in the town.
  • John Turner, a public lawyer employed by the state as part of a legal aid program.
  • Robert S. Dukes, the owner of the Hope's gun shop
  • Brad Pointer, a fellow lawyer charged with providing legal aid.
  • Morton Headgrens, a criminal charged with car theft.
  • Timothy Hawke, the town eccentric and conspiracy theorist.
  • Officer Monroe, a police officer mentioned in the town newspaper. He allegidly ran over a shovel.
  • John Wiggins, a 49-year-old auto mechanic crushed by a car lift in the mission The Streets of Hope. His name is mentioned in a newspaper article.

Targets and Plot

In the mission Shaving Lenny, Agent 47 arrives in town to eliminate some members of the Hope Cougars, a gang of which Lenny Dexter is a key member. The targets, all of whom are involved in the plot to kidnap Victoria, are:

47 is also tasked with abducting Lenny alive and interrogating for information about the kidnapping.

It is known that Blake Dexter is praised as a great benefactor to the town of Hope and, according to Hope News Times, intends to make it a tourist resort. Though locals welcome his contributions, they are apparently not very helpful; in the preview of "Streets of Hope", newspapers with the headline "City is Bankrupt" can be seen in Tyler Colvin's office.


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