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Hope is a small town located in the fictional Hope County somewhere in South Dakota, USA and is a featured location in the game Hitman: Absolution.

The licenses plates on cars in Hope County suggest Hope is really Rapid City, SD (South Dakota plates that start with 2 indicate Pennington County).


Throughout the game, Agent 47 encounters several of the county and town's inhabitants. These include:

  • Sheriff Clive Skurky, the town's abusive and corrupt Sheriff.
  • Judge Dennis Strickland, a criminal judge at the Hope County Court.
  • Lilly Dukes, the daughter/granddaughter of the owner of Hope's gun shop and the finest shot in the town.
  • John Turner, a public lawyer employed by the state as part of a legal aid program.
  • Robert S. Dukes, the owner of the Hope's gun shop
  • Brad Pointer, a fellow lawyer charged with providing legal aid.
  • Morton Headgrens, a criminal charged with car theft.
  • Timothy Hawke, the town eccentric and conspiracy theorist.
  • Officer Monroe, a police officer mentioned in the town newspaper. He allegedly ran over a shovel.
  • John Wiggins, a 49-year-old auto mechanic crushed by a car lift in the mission The Streets of Hope. His name is mentioned in a newspaper article.
  • Lucy Hough, a convenience store owner who is the girlfriend of Tyler Colvin and works for her own little store that has gone bankrupt due to the small town being bankrupt.

Targets and Plot

In the mission Shaving Lenny, Agent 47 arrives in town to eliminate some members of the Hope Cougars, a gang of which Lenny Dexter is a key member. The targets, all of whom are involved in the plot to kidnap Victoria, are:

47 is also tasked with abducting Lenny alive and interrogating for information about the kidnapping.

It is known that Blake Dexter is praised as a great benefactor to the town of Hope and, according to Hope News Times, intends to make it a tourist resort. Though locals welcome his contributions, they are apparently not very helpful; in the preview of "Streets of Hope", newspapers with the headline "City is Bankrupt" can be seen in Tyler Colvin's office. and in a hidden dialogue from Shaving Lenny mission(two Hope police officers who are talking about Football match and underground illegal fighting matches at the Donut shop. in Professional difficulties, after they end their conversation at the Donut shop, they move into the entrance to the Bennet's Garage and start dialogue about Hope Fair that sponsored by the Dexter Industries), one Hope police officer saying, "Well, there ain't much goin on, especially after all the layoffs at Dexter's. And as usual, they are sponsoring the whole thing." the other officer cynically responded with "Yeah, there'll probably only be one stall... selling old guns! And explosives."


In Hitman: Absolution Hope is one of the 3 main locations in the game. Missions from part two take place here, namely:


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