The Housekeeper outfit is a disguise that can be found in HITMAN™.



Worn by the cleaning personnel of Villa Caruosa in World of Tomorrow. A lone housekeeper can also be found inside the closed Sanguine store.The disguise grants access to most parts of the villa including the garden. It's one of two disguises allowed in the attic.Housekeepers can't enter the observatory building, Silvio’s private quarters, Silvio’s office and the security room.

Several people inside the mansion, especially on the second floor, can see through this disguise but compared to the Mansion Staff disguise their number is smaller.

In The Author one Housekeeper can be found in the Sanguine store, too. Wearing the disguise allows 47 to enter the Sanguine store, the employee areas of the bakery and the ice cream store, the closed art shop and the  Main Square Tower stairwell.


The Housekeeper outfit appears in the following missions:


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