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Howard Moxon (also known as "The Broker") is the 8th elusive target and appeared on August 5th 2016 to August 7th 2016 in the mission The Showstopper. He later reappeared on February 23rd 2018 - March 5th 2018. The mission not only required that Moxon be assassinated, but that the Ivory White be collected in the same mission.


"Sir Howard Moxon is blue-blooded English nobility from a family that traces its links to the 17th century and the English Civil War. He has connections across the world in the very finest circles where he is welcomed as an art expert and as someone who can find extremely rare pieces for the discerning buyer.
He has increasingly turned to the sale of forgeries to support his expensive lifestyle and the network of houses and estates he maintains around the world. Most recently, he has been linked to the near-mythical Ivory White, which he is currently brokering for sale."
― In-Game Briefing


  • Howard shares his character model and clothing with Dr. Oscar Lafayette, although Moxon wears a slightly different blazer and glasses.
    • Howard wears a pin depicting the flag of the German Empire on his left lapel.
  • Howard is quite patriotic, singing the first verse of "Rule, Britannia!", and constantly expresses a disdain for Norway and its people in his dialogue. He also enjoys wordplay and limericks, and tries to end his texts with a pun.
  • While standing outside, he may complain on the phone to another person, and reveal the location of the Ivory White.
  • Sergei Larin's intel shows that Howard Moxon is one of his buyers.
  • He is protected by an undercover guard that is disguised as a civilian during the mission.
  • The Ivory White is an artifact that looks similar to an Imperial Filigree Egg. The only difference between the two is that when the Ivory White gets thrown on a surface, it does not break, in order not to fail the mission itself.
  • He attempts to call Sergei, but is unable to reach him, suggesting that the hit on Sergei occurs at roughly the same time.
  • A bug allowed players to begin the re-activation on February 15th, 2018.
  • His mission was based during the Sanguine Fashion Show, which did not last even for a day before it ended due to the deaths of Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis. To have been killed during this time, he would have had to been a target during the Showstopper mission.