IAGO is an infamous spy network featured in HITMAN™.


Established in 1954, IAGO operates auctions around the world, selling classified information to the world's global elite. Ostensibly, Viktor Novikov appears to be IAGO's leader but he is revealed to be merely a financial backer and a figurehead in comparison to his partner, Dalia Margolis.

The organization is attributed to selling security network information to Crimean separatists, who used it to cause a deadly nuclear meltdown in a plant in the Gulf of Odessa.

IAGO also provided the flight plans of South American president Hernandez and his family to the Delgado drug Cartel, allowing them to shoot his plane out of the sky.

IAGO is known to use models and other attractive people as spies to seduce and obtain information of key figures, for example, when Dalia Margolis receives a phone call talking with one of her models to encourage her to keep her guise and when Dalia reveals to Agent 47 (disguised as Helmut Kruger) that he must seduce Jessica Highmore to gain insider information from her father's company, Highmoore Consulting.