Igor Kubasko was a member of the Russian mafia and Makarov's main informant as well as being his mafia connection.


Igor Kubasko is a member of the Russian mafia, who had contacts within the Russian military. Probably working for Sergei Zavorotko, he was contacted by Russian general Makarov, to investigate the death of one of his comrades.

Kubasko and Makarov met in the Kirov Park in St. Petersburg to discuss matters of protection. Unbeknownst to them, Agent 47 was also there and assassinated both of them.


Igor is a middle aged Russian man who wears typical Russian style clothing. He dons a brown jacket with matching pants and snowcap. He is taller than 47.



  • He arrives in an armoured ZiL-115 limo with a personal chauffeur. These ZiL-115 Limousines were only ever afforded to Russian state or military figures, which could imply that General Makarov is pulling strings for his informant
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