The Ilyon R700 is a sniper rifle in Hitman: Absolution. The weapon is rare and uncommon compared to the 47's weapon of choice in Absolution, the Kazo TRG.


"A classic hunting rifle, fitted with a scope for long range precision shots. It is not a dedicated marksman's rifle, but is a serviceable option if lieu of a specialist weapon."


  • Shaving Lenny: Found in the upstairs of the donut shop, required to complete the hidden challenge.
  • End of the Road: In the trunk of the car.
  • Fight Night: In the weapon storage room on the second level, access card required. This weapon is needed for "Wingman" challenge.


  • The cailber of this weapon is difficult to determine, the R700 can be chambered in various cailbers, from .17 Remington to .458 WM. 
  • The scope is much smaller than the one used by Kazo TRG, it also has lower magnification and cannot be adjusted.
  • The weapon is based on the real life Remington 700[1]