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The International Criminal Police Organization (French: "Organisation internationale de police criminelle"), "ICPO" or "INTERPOL", is an intergovernmental organization facilitating international police cooperation.


Interpol was established as the International Criminal Police Commission in 1923 and adopted its telegraphic address as its common name in 1956.[1]

Its membership of 190 countries provides finance of around €78 million through annual contributions. The organization's headquarters is in Lyon, France. It is the second largest intergovernmental organization after the United Nations, in terms of number of member states.[2]

Involvement with the Agency

The International Contract Agency has ties to several major governments in the Central Intelligence Agency (via Agent Smith), Federal Bureau of Investigation (prior to The Franchise taking it from them), MI5/MI6, National Security Agency, Interpol, and the United Nations.[3]

In Hitman: Contracts, Inspector Albert Fournier, the Paris chief of police worked closely with Interpol in coordinating Agent 47’s capture during the Hunter and Hunted level.[4]

In the book Hitman: Enemy Within the Interpol are shown to maintain a less than amicable relationship with the Agency by repeated attempts at capturing their agents.

In the 2007 Hitman film, Interpol Agent Mike Whittier (portrayed by Dougray Scott) worked on behalf of Interpol in tracking down 47.

Whilst Agent 47 is on assignment in Hokkaido, Japan, he encounters long-time associate Agent Smith being held in one of the facilities morgue coolers. Smith informs 47 that he is there now working for Interpol, having moved away from the CIA, and is tasked with investigating an organ smuggling operation concerning Dr. Katashi Ito; the Curator.

Known Member

Names Organization Status
Mike Whittier N/A Alive
Guillaume Maison The Yardbirds Retired/Deceased
Penelope Graves Private Militia Formerly/Deceased
Carlton Smith Alive

Known Assets

Names Organization Status
Albert Fournier Deceased
N/A International Contract Agency Active


  • Throughout the series, Interpol are shown to maintain a less than amicable relationship with Agent 47 but Interpol does maintain close friendships to key individuals within the Agency.