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The Isle of Sgàil in the North Atlantic is one of the most secretive places in the world. It was where the elusive Ark Society holds its annual gala for Providence members who fear a global economic collapse.

It is not explicitly stated which country the Isle of Sgàil belongs to, or whether it's an independent entity of its own. Because Sgàil is a Scottish Gaelic term for "shadow," it could be argued that the mysterious area is a part of Scotland. This is further backed by a background discussion between two custodians, claiming the castle was used to store taxes from the British Crown, then later as a prison for aristocrats that couldn't be executed due to their status, before being converted into a black site for MI6 to hold Russian spies, one of which was Janus, who was held for a week before being released without MI6 knowing his true status. Additionally, in the cutscene before the mission starts, the island is shown as being located in the Orkney archipelago, off the coast of Scotland.


One mission takes place on The Isle of Sgàil.

The Ark Society (mission)

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