The JAGD P22G is a pistol which is carried by most guards over the world as their weapon of their choice as the high accuracy makes it a preferred choice. Along with Silverballer, this is the only pistol in Absolution that can be suppressed.


"A modern and reliable top-tier pistol, the weapon's high accuracy makes it the preferred choice of professionals."

Can be dual-wielded and sometimes comes with a silencer. The JAGD P22G is common in game, it has average stats but its silenced variant is the best alternative when player lack discreet way to kill.


  • A Personal Contract: Carried by all Mansion guards.
  • Hunter and Hunted: A suppressed version can be found in the office above the club entrance. A second suppressed version is found in the room where Agent 47 can drop a disco ball on Dom Osmond. Can also be found in the weapons basement in Chinatown.
  • Birdie's Gift: On some shelves in the gun store.
  • Blackwater Park: Carried by Blackwater security guards.



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