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Jade Nguyen was the tertiary antagonist of Hitman: Absolution. She was an employee of the International Contract Agency, who dreamt of rising through the ranks at the ICA, and thus, became Benjamin Travis' assistant. She is killed by Agent 47 at the Burnwood Family Tomb.


Jade's family surname Nguyen is a common last name of Vietnamese origin. Jade worked as a field assistant for Agent 47's new handler, Benjamin Travis, but hoped to rise in the ranks of the Agency. It is presumed she planned on taking Travis' position as Head of Division. According to her psych profile, she was highly ambitious and possessed a high level of strategic reasoning.

She is killed along with Travis and the Praetorians in the same day Absolution takes place. They were all killed by Agent 47.


  • According to Sossamon, Jade is very ambitious and often disagrees with Travis.
  • According to Damnation, Jade carries a stiletto on her at all times and has received combat training in Laos and Burma.
  • It's also mentioned in Damnation that Jade has several tattoos, mostly of dragons. In Absolution, they can be seen on her midriff, back and thigh.
  • Jade possesses the ICA rank of Tritos (the rank's place in the ICA hierarchy is unspecified).
  • Birdie has made a phonecall to Jade at some point of the game, which was traced by Blake Dexter. Who later demands ransom for the exchange with Victoria.
  • Coincidentally, she shares her name with a DC Comics character who works for the League of Assassins, codenamed Cheshire after the Alice in Wonderland cat, due to the shared trait of evaporating in order to get away.



Hitman Absolution Powers Boothe & Shannyn Sossamon Interview US

Hitman Absolution Powers Boothe & Shannyn Sossamon Interview US

Introducing Jade and Travis


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