Ji-Hu (also known as "The Fugitive") is the 25th Elusive target in HITMAN™ and appeared June 23rd 2017 - July 3rd 2017, and the first Elusive Legacy Pack target on February 8th 2019 - February 18th 2019 in HITMAN 2. He is a notoriously elusive State Security Department member, currently on the run from several intelligence agencies.


"The State Security Department operative known as "Ji-Hu" is notoriously elusive. ICA files link him to a number of hybrid conflict operations in mainland China, South Korea and Japan. In a touching example of international cooperation, the intelligence services of all three nations have placed a combined Contract with the ICA for the target’s elimination.
― In-Game Briefing


  • The Fugitive's appearances is randomly chosen between three patients, each with an unique facial reconstruction surgery. The three patients have three randomly assigned routes, changing with every start or restart.
  • It is implied that he is North Korean, but it is also possible that he is from the Hitman version of North Korea, Khandayang
  • His assassination was contracted by the governments of Japan, South Korea and China.


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