Joe Netberg was the youngest member of the Gator Gang and one of its enforcers. He was killed by Agent 47 in the steamboat named Emily, owned by the leader of the Gator Gang Skip Muldoon


Netberg is shown to be a muscular 30 something male that sports a red baseball cap with the confederate logo (a baseball cap worn by the rest of the gang too).

He has a thick goatee is always shirtless, wears sunglasses, blue jeans, a confederate buckled-belt and cowboy boots.



  • His weapon of choice was the Bull .480.
  • He has a weakness for alcohol and he can be found going between the bar and the lower deck stairs of the Emily steamer.
  • He also has an unhealthy appetite for burgers which can be poisoned if the player wishes it so.
  • He has a fondness for his body shape and regularly poses in front of the bathroom mirror to admire his physique.
  • He is the only member of the Gator gang to appear completely shirtless.