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John "Pappy" LeBlanc was the leader of a Mississippi based gang. He was killed by Agent 47 later on in his daughter's marriage party.


He is the leader of a drug syndicate. He is very senile and paranoid, wandering his mansion muttering conspiracy theories to himself (one pertains to cloning, maybe related to Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer). He was one of Mississippi's richest men, one resident claiming his net worth was above $400 million. He lived in a fortified mansion on a river island. He was friends with one Henrick Slackjaw, who was later interviewed for LeBlanc's front page obituary.


Margeaux LeBlanc is his only daughter, and likely his only child as he doesn't have any other heirs. In early 2005, he lost his brother Skip Muldoon, with an open grave reserved for him on the mansion's grounds. Pappy believes a wild conspiracy was to blame for Skip's death. In the mission Till Death Do Us Part, his daughter, Margeaux was also ready to marry her own cousin, Skip's son Buddy Muldoon, when they are both killed at the mansion. Pappy did not initially approve of her marrying Buddy.



  • When looking over his brother's grave, he says;

Told y'all about them black helicopters. All about them round heads from Alpha Centauri, what traveled back in time to clone the Pope. Wouldn't listen, would you? Had to go and piss off the shadow government. And told y'all they was listening to everything, seeing everything, they got them cameras on us all the time. You wouldn't listen. And now? Now I gotta stand here and talk to your cold dead body under six feet of Mississippi dirt.