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Jorge Franco (also known as The Cook) is a target that appears in the Three-Headed Serpent mission in HITMAN™ 2.


Jorge Franco was born in Santiago at a time when Chile was slowly starting to make real progress as a country and society. As a child, Franco would often overhear his father having strange conversations in foreign languages with burly looking men clearly not from the government. Domestic abuse was a regular thing in the Franco household and the children quickly learned to stay away from the house when Jorge Senior was in one of his moods.

When Pinochet took over in 1973, violence came with him. Jorge Franco Senior vanished without a trace one evening in 1976 and two weeks later, young Jorge and his siblings were crossing the border into Argentina. From there, they traveled to the United States. While Franco was never quite sure how his mother managed to get them into the US, he later assumed that his mother simply provided the American government with all the information she had overheard his father sharing with the Russians that frequented their home.

Franco eventually graduated from college in the early 1980's, holding a degree in natural science with a chemistry focus. He got a job working for a local high school, where he taught chemistry and physics for many years while at the same time building up a rather unhealthy gambling addiction. After Pinochet was removed from power, Franco decided to go back to Chile to discover his roots. His mother had passed a few years earlier and Franco never really found the US to be a suitable home. Besides, he owed a substantial amount of money to a local gangster due to his habit of betting on the wrong horse. So, Franco simply ran away, leaving a wife and young child to fend for themselves.

While Franco didn't discover what happened to his father, he did manage to find some rather unsavory people. One of those people was Fernando Delgado, a wine maker of small repute and a known drug manufacturer who would often lend money to people in exchange for favors. Upon learning that Franco was a gifted chemist, Delgado told him he'd waive any debts in exchange for his services as a chemist. Franco agreed and found that his new vocation suited his needs very well indeed. He stayed with the Delgados until 2004 when everything was torn down around him. Franco, fearing for his life and suffering from severe PTSD, went into hiding but was brought back a few years later when Fernando Delgado's young nephew Rico, found him and brought him to Colombia. Franco was never quite the same, though.

Franco has now been working with Rico Delgado and his partner Andrea Martinez for more than a decade. He has developed several new brands of cocaine for an ever-hungrier market and is considered a full partner in the Delgado Cartel. He still suffers from the occasional lapse into gambling but has managed to turn his focus more and more on running the manufacturing part of the business.
― Target Intel


Franco is intelligent but callous. In spite of his advanced age and stooped posture, he is still active and he can be found shuffling around the plantation grounds to inspect equipment and crops. He takes a hands-on approach to his job, personally overseeing the construction of new equipment that he believes will improve the efficiency of the cocaine manufacturing process, as well as inspecting plant samples in his greenhouse. He will even seek new plant specimens in the surrounding jungle, if the player engineers a motive for him to do so. He is unconcerned with the welfare of the lower class workers who operate the plantation, dismissing them as inefficient and incompetent, and hopes that his new machine can replace most of them. He is not above sampling his own product, though only occasionally. He is always accompanied by bodyguards.


  • He keeps a small jar of what is likely nitroglycerin on a string around his neck, presumably in case of a cocaine overdose.
  • Jorge Franco resembles Stan Lee, the late founder of Marvel Comics known for his comic books and movie cameo appearances.
  • For some reason, Franco refers to himself in first person plural, using "we" or "us" instead of "I" or "me" when talking.
  • Franco will often have coughing fits during his route and walks with his back hunched over. He shares this behavior with Janus.