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Junior O’Daniel was a member of the Gator Gang and one of its enforcers. He was assassinated in Hitman: Blood Money, in the mission Death on the Mississippi. He met his end along with the rest of the gang (including its boss, Skip Muldoon) on the Emily.


Junior is shown to be a mid-20s male, who sports a red and white baseball cap with the confederate logo (a baseball cap worn by the rest of the gang too). He has a thin goatee and is shorter than Agent 47.



  • His weapon of choice was the Bull .480.
  • He can be found on the lower west side room of the Emily steamer.
  • His attire, as well as the other gator gang members clothing, cannot be worn or used as a disguise.
  • He is involved in a relationship with a female passenger who lets him have access to her room.