Katsuyama Castle (Katsuyama-Jo, as referred to by Diana) is a fictional castle at the top of the sacred Kurokiyama mountain in Central Japan, acting as the setting for the Hitman 2 missions At the Gates and Shogun Showdown.


Like most Japanese castles, Katsuyama Castle was a fortresses constructed primarily of wood and stone. An ancient, six-story castle, with ceramic tiled hogyo roofing and massive stonewalls, looks down from its strategic position high on the neck of the mountain. A local shogun built it here during the Edo period - it is a fitting setting for a 20th century oyabun like Masahiro Hayamoto. From here he controls his yakuza maneuverings and international arms deals.

Towering above a beautiful lake and archaic temple-studded town emerges the sacred mountain of Kurokiyama - an inaccessible site visited only by the occasional Shinto pilgrim, from where Masahiro Hayamoto Sr. carried out operations all across Japan as well as overseas operations in Asia and the United States.


  • The castle bears some resemblance to a real castle in Central Japan named Katsuyama, located in Katsuyama , in the Fukui Prefecture.