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The King (real name unknown) was a very influential up-and-coming gangster of Chinatown, Chicago, Illinois who, according to Birdie, "declared" himself as "The King Of Chinatown". He has a cocaine habit and has a relation with a drug dealer named Mickey Caps, a.k.a. "Snowman", who lived and worked in Chinatown.


His base of operations is located at the center of Chinatown, where he also works alongside his associate known only by the alias, Snowman. He regularly bribes the local police so he is heavily protected both by his gang and the Chicago police force situated around Chinatown. He owns a Bentley Continental GT coupe, which the player can use as a trap to blow up. He carries a Swiss 3000 pistol. He is killed by Agent 47 under Birdie's orders.



  • He is the third target in the Hitman series with the nickname "King," along with Campbell Sturrock (a.k.a. "The Meat King") and Joseph Clarence (a.k.a. "Swing King").
  • A radio report in Attack of the Saints states he was Fernando Delgado's main buyer.
  • Another radio report in Terminus states that his death started a violent gang war - "The gang war, triggered by sudden death of the self-proclamed King of Chinatown peaked this morning, when 7 bodies were discovered in a warehouse by the docks."
  • If the approach of vandalizing the King's car is chosen, he can be heard saying, "You do not fuck with another man's vehicle!," a reference to Vincent in the movie Pulp Fiction.


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