Kirov Park Meeting is the 4th mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. In this mission, 47 is appointed to assassinate General Makarov, one of the Generals from the meeting in the mission St. Petersburg Stakeout, and his Mafia connection Igor Kubasko. 47 is asked to finish off this assassination, as when he attacked the meeting, the surviving generals got freaked out and started to investigate the murder of the other general.


  • General Makarov
  • Igor Kubasko

Mission Briefing

Here we go, 47. First of all, on behalf of all of us at Agency, thanks for continuing with us to clean up all this mess. You are required to return to St. Petersburg.
It seems that your previous assassination really scared the remaining generals.
They have all begun their own investigations into what happened. Our client is pretty unhappy about this. We need to stop these generals fast.
We've received information that one of them — General Makarov — is to meet a local mafia boss to buy some protection and hopefully info on who could have carried out the hit.
They have a preferred meeting point in Kirov Park — nice, secluded and out in the open. We've got some old spy footage of them meeting previously for your reference.
Our intelligence says they are scheduled to meet in Kirov Park at 1400 hrs today, local time — check out your map.
They will both be arriving in armoured Zil-115 limos, but in separate motorcades. Watch out for roadblocks and patrolling guards.
You will find your equipment down by the pier. 47, I repeat — intercept the meeting and eliminate both targets.





  • Driver : Can be used to place the bomb on Igor Kubasko's car. Access to the park.
  • Russian Mafian bodyguard : Access everywhere except the park.
  • Soldier : ditto.
  • Officer : ditto.


  • The soldier in the top of orthodox is humming a song.
  • You cannot bring the MI95 Sniper in this mission, even with all weapons cheat activated, possibly to prevent killing the two targets described above inside their armored limousines.
  • Dumping the unconscious driver into the sewer after stealing his clothes will not work as he will spawn to street level upon waking up.



Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Kirov Park Meeting

Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Kirov Park Meeting


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