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Klaas Teller is a target in Rendezvous in Rotterdam, the fifth mission of Hitman: Contracts.


The Mayor, after receiving a blackmail threat from the head of the biker gang, sent Klaas, a private investigator, undercover to keep tabs on the gang and retrieve the incriminating photos the gang holds as blackmail against the Mayor.

Before the mission even starts, his cover has been blown and he is chained up in the basement of the gang hideout, being subjected to electroshock torture. One of the mission objectives is to eliminate him, as the client (the Mayor) believes he has failed.


Presumably, he was dressed as a biker prior to his capture but when Agent 47 meets him for the first time he is only wearing underwear while chained up.


His personality is never expanded upon due to him never speaking; the only sounds heard from him are those of pain when killed.



  • Interestingly enough, Klaas shares his surname with, Jax Teller, the main character from the US TV series, Sons Of Anarchy, which coincidentally focuses on a biker gang.