Klaus Liebleid is a target in mission Patient Zero, a bonus mission in HITMAN™. He is the employee of Ether Biotech Corporation.


Klaus Liebleid is one of the Ether Corporation's best researchers. Previously assigned to the Ethercorp arcology in Shanghai, he worked closely with Neleis De Waal on a range of projects. His methodical nature and insightful mind make it highly likely he will be able to reverse engineer the NABAZOV virus. He considers himself beyond ethics, and raised above morality; a pure researcher.


  • Liebleid is one of the few targets in HITMAN™ that Agent 47 can disguise as.
  • He is the only main target (not including the infected patients) of the whole campaign who is not a member of the cult.
  • His surname roughly translates to "lovesorrow".
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