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Landon Metcalf is an enforcer for the Hope Cougars.


Hitman: Absolution

Currently, little is known about Landon apart from his affiliation with the Hope Cougars and Lenny Dexter. He is also part of the group conspiring to grab Victoria from Blake Dexter during the Shaving Lenny mission.

He is known to be unscrupulous, brutish and has a very short temper.[2]


  • He is known to be a favorite enforcer employed by the Dexter family.
  • He mainly operates out of Bennet's Garage, just off the main street of Hope.
  • He is a member of the Hope Cougars, a street gang in Hope.
  • According to the scoreboard at McGarmond's Gun Shop, Metcalf used an Aries (unspecified if 24-7 or Charging Ram) and scored 284 shots.



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