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Larry Clay was a henchman of Edward Wade who was assigned to locate Birdie, informant of Agent 47 in Chinatown during the Chinese New Year. He was killed on the same day along with Frank Owens and Bill Dole by 47.


Currently, very little is known about Larry Clay. Clay is a long time member of Wade's crew. He is also known to be brutal, as well as unpredictable. His sporadic violent nature is likely the reason behind him attempting to murder an innocent market vendor in an alleyway (unless 47 stops him) during the Chinese new year. Clay is also known to be close friends with his fellow crew member, Frank Owens.


  • When Clay is eliminated, his Jagd P22G has a suppressor attached.
  • Despite being pictured as smoking in his target photo, Frank Owens is the one who can be killed using his smoking habit as his downfall.
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