Layla's JAGD P22G is a unique Jagd P22G which is owned by Layla Stockton. It is a soft gold color, with a brown grip with the initials "LS" engraved in it repeatedly. When a suppressor is attached, it possesses the same soft gold tone.

This weapon can be used in Contracts mode, and a suppressor can be attached.


"A modern and reliable top-tier pistol, the JAGD's high accuracy makes it the preferred choice of professionals. This one belonged to Layla."

Based on the real-world SIG Sauer P226 series, what has widely been considered to be the workhorse weapon for security services all over the world (The P226 in different variations has been adopted by the US Navy Seals, United States Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, U.S. Secret Service and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service). The model used in the game is chambered for .45 ACP and uses a 10-round clip.


  • Blackwater Park: Carried by Layla Stockton, she will draw the gun out if you are attempting the "Skin Trade" challenge, or 47's cover is blown.


  • Jagd P22G: Chrome and features a brown grip. It is the base variant.
  • Agency JAGD P22G: Customizable variant. Black in color with yellow highlights.



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