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Layla Stockton is the personal assistant and advisor of Dexter Industries CEO Blake Dexter.


She is designated as a target by Agent 47 in the mission Blackwater Park.

There is very little information available as to Layla's background. Her in-game biography states that she is 28 years old and is both a personal assistant and adviser to Blake Dexter.

It is implied that Dexter and Layla have a subtle sexual relationship from his advances and sexual harassment, which she openly protests about.

She knows of Wade, and dislikes being in his presence.

She is distraught when she witnesses Dexter murdering a cleaning lady at the Terminus Hotel as she thinks that it was unnecessary.

She is seen accompanying Blake Dexter throughout the majority of the game, and is very loyal - staying behind in the penthouse to hold off 47 while Dexter prepares to escape with Victoria.

In Countdown, Dexter is infuriated by news of her death, but in the end is more concerned about his money, implying that he would rather have the money than Layla.

Panic Room Scenario

Earlier in the Blackwater Park mission, she is offering her help to Dexter and is showing off her overconfidence, stating that she has got what it would take to stop any man, including Agent 47 for that matter.

Later, if the player follows Layla into the panic room in the penthouse of Blackwater Park, they will encounter Layla stripping for Agent 47 before pulling out her pistol. The player will then have a few seconds to shoot Layla first.

Failure to shoot Layla in time will result in her incapacitating Agent 47 with one shot. After that, a small death cutscene will play where Layla goes over to Agent 47, crushes his throat with her heel and calls him "fucker" before walking away.

Poisoned Sushi Scenario

47 can find the U'wa Tribe poison in the exhibition room (on the second floor next to Lenny's room) and poison the sushi.

After eating the poisoned sushi and going onto the penthouse balcony, Layla will start hallucinating about ladybugs and will climb on top of the ledges. Eventually, she makes a leap as if she could fly, resulting in her falling to her death.



  • Layla will not recognise Agent 47 in a bodyguard disguise that reveals his face, despite having met him in person more than once. However, once Agent 47 follows Layla into the panic room and thus triggering the panic room scenario above, she is able to see through whatever disguise he is wearing.
  • When being hunted in the Blackwater Park penthouse mission, Layla will taunt Agent 47 about how he supposedly "murdered" Diana. The source of her knowledge on this is not explained in the game.
  • Layla is one of the three targets in the Hitman franchise that can be killed by poisoned sushi, the others being Masahiro Hayamoto Jr. and Yuki Yamazaki.
  • Layla is one of the four female targets in the Hitman franchise that features a non-standard game over cutscene should Agent 47 die by their hands, the other three being the Mysterious Female Assassin, Eve, and Lasandra Dixon.