The Local Printing Crew outfit is a disguise that can be found in HITMAN™


A Gilded Cage

Worn by the members of the printing crew. The disguise grants access to the ground floor of the school building. None of the NPCs can see through the disguise, making it very useful for exploring the area. However, as a disadvantage, since they are not military personnel, 47 can't go to the second floor and acess Zaydan's files (That can be crucial for Assassinating Strandberg). This is the first and only way to get inside the Military HQ at the point it's accesssible. Specifically with the last opportunity.

One easy way to get this is to get a screwdriver and intentionally sabotage an exposed wire before meeting up with the Local Printing Crew nearby, turn on the power, and then meet with them. One will eventually walk into the trap, which kills him and the power is switched off. There's a nearby empty room with a container for 47 to hide his body and steal his outfit. After that, a member will take the lead and military personnel will grant 47 and the rest of the crew access to the base.


The Local Printing Crew outfit appears in the following missions:




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