Lorenzo Lombardo was known as the "brains and the bankroll" of the Las Vegas mafia and was a multi-millionaire gambler. When 47 rescued Carlton Smith from the Pine Cone Rehabilitation Center , the Agency was offered with three low level contracts which included Lombardo be eliminated, he could be the primary target in that mission if Agent Smith has a photo of him, which is handed to 47. If not, he can be a secondary target and killing him gets you $50,000.


Ultimately, he was known as "the Brain & Bankroll" in the circuit. He became a strategic master planner and a multimillionaire gambler. He's been accused - but never convicted - of such crimes as: Hijacking, mayhem, bootlegging, white slavery, narcotics trafficking, rape, burglary, bookmaking & fixing sporting events, numbers racket, extortion and numerous murders. Lombardo knows his time is limited - soon some sort of forensic evidence will connect him with one of these crimes. He has planned his departure from the US, but first, he has to undergo some preliminary tests at the Rehabilitation clinic.
— Lorenzo Lombardo's details in Hitman: Blood Money


Lombardo is a 64 year old Caucasian male weighing at 150 lbs and standing at 6 ft. He has balding grey hair, but no facial hair to speak of. He also wears a pair of black glasses and a blue robe.


He suggests to his therapist that he has been forced there because they believe he is insane. He tells him in therapy that he is not crazy, does not care if he is, but will gladly discuss sports or politics with him. He seems to have an obvious problem with authority, as he is also told to stay on a strict diet but secretly cooks Italian food in his room with a small cooking kit.

When speaking to Lombardo during a therapy session he will state,

I'll tell you what I tell all you hick, shleepin' gronies. First, there's nothing wrong with me, see. Second, even if there was, I don't care. Three, even if I did care, I wouldn't be talking to you. I don't need pansies for help. If we're clear on that, and I'm *sure* that we're clear on that, then I'm happy to spend this time discussin' whatever. Sports, news, you know. Whatever. Whaddya say?



  • Lombardo talks in an amusingly thick New York accent.