Lorne de Havilland was an adult entertainment millionare, publisher of the magazine 'Popqurn' and owner of many strip clubs. His main source of income was through threatening well respected figures with footage from his secret cameras in all of his strip clubs' basements. He was killed on Christmas Eve, 2004 by Agent 47 along with Senator Bingham's son Chad Bingham, Jr.


Early life

Lorne de Havilland is an adult entertainment multimillionaire, publisher of the pornographic magazine Popqurn and owner of strip clubs across the country.

Though he is a publicly-known celebrity, Diana describes him as "camera shy, and the most recent picture we could get our hands on is ten years old". De Havilland lives in the famous Pink Mansion, a remote lodge in the Rocky Mountains accessible only by boat or helicopter.

Hitman: Blood Money

Lorne de Havilland was killed on Christmas Eve 2004, at age 71. For many years, he secretly made most of his money by blackmailing public figures (actors, politicians, clergymen, etc.) with CCTV footage from his many strip clubs. While trying to blackmail Colorado senator Chad Bingham Sr., with a video of his son killing a prostitute in a sex game, senator Bingham or someone close to him hired Agent 47 to recover the tape and kill both de Havilland and Chad Jr.



  • Lorne's old age and silk robe greatly parody the image of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.
  • Pink Mansion is also a partial parody of the Playboy Mansion, although it is a mansion in sunny Los Angeles.
  • De Havilland is said in his in-game biography to be a born-again Christian, a reference to Hustler founder Larry Flynt.
  • If you pull a weapon out in front of him, he'll run away while pleading for his life. He will shout "No, don't, please! I'm a wealthy man. I can make you rich! What do you want, girls, cars, junk, real estate? I've got it all! I'm the guy who knows the guys who know! Please, please, please...". Strangely, you can chase him all around the studio floor and his bodyguard will do nothing as he pleads with you.
  • He will instantly see through the photographer disguise, and flee to the party floor.
  • De Havilland's dog counts as a witness. In addition, he will run to a security guard to alert him if he sees 47 kill De Havilland.