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Lucas Grey (also known as the Shadow Client) is the main antagonist of HITMAN™ turned tritagonist, and false main antagonist in HITMAN™ 2. He is an older male assassin, who leads his own Private Militia in a war against Providence. He is the childhood friend of Agent 47. He is later on revealed to be Subject 6, a clone who actually successfully managed to escape Dr. Ort-Meyer, at the cost of 47 having being captured and having his mind wiped.


The Shadow Client is an older Caucasian man with pulled back gray hair, blue eyes, and stubby gray facial hair. He dons a gray jacket with black shoulder pads and black pants.

Apparently, the Shadow Client has Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)[1] in his left eye, which can briefly be seen during the Freedom Fighters ending cinematic as he quickly looks up from his scope, though this is unconfirmed. His real identity and name is revealed in HITMAN™ 2.


He claims that he knows Agent 47 better than anyone[1], which has led to speculation that he has had some sort of unknown association with him. In HITMAN™ 2 it is revealed to be Subject 6, 47's closest friend and partner during his life with Ort Meyer and his early career as assassins for Providence.

Like Agent 47, Subject 6 is a genetically engineered clone with enhanced natural attributes and was raised in harsh conditions. One day, he and 47 managed to escape from the place they grew up, and found themselves at a small farm in a snowy region, where they were took in by an unnamed woman[1].

However, the next morning, they woke up to gunshots. Their "warden" had found them, slaughtered everybody they had been in contact with, and the client and his friend were forced to watch the woman get killed. Years after, he started tracking Agent 47; knowing about his existence and his M.O, he was able to link together several deaths that were either unsolved or were found to have been accidents[1].

It is later revealed that he unintentionally managed to fake his death during the raid at the farm and escaped successfully, but at the cost of 47 having his mind wiped by Dr. Ort-Meyer and him discovering the existence of Providence, something which haunted him for life. He then spent his lifetime running away from Providence.

Years later, he used his enhanced abilities and skills to become a head of security for a banker named Eugene Cobb. After he discovered that Cobb was a Providence operative, he realized that he cannot run forever and decided to wage a war against Providence in an act of vengeance against all they have done.


Main article(s): The Final Test

The Shadow Client narrates the middle, and end sections of the "Call Me 47"/"Legacy" cinematic after the game's final prologue mission, The Final Test, revealing his knowledge of Agent 47 and the Agency. His dialogue strongly suggests 47's assassinations have brought hardship to him:

"You were always the best. Nobody ever came close. You defined the art, and it defines you. Your actions have changed the world. Powerful men have fallen by your hand; but by the same token, others have risen. Do you realize what kind of world you've been shaping? Does the ICA? Does your handler? I live in that world. I have seen the consequences. I have felt the cost. That's what defines me."

Rigging the Curtain

Main article(s): The Showstopper

The Shadow Client meeting with Novikov.

If found behind the bar in The Showstopper, Viktor Novikov explains to his bodyguard that the Shadow Client approached him first, with prior knowledge of both the FSB's investigation into Novikov and the IAGO spy ring.

The night before Agent 47 infiltrated the Palais de Walewska, the Shadow Client met with Viktor Novikov to collect his reward for killing an FSB agent who was after Novikov. Viktor handed him everything that IAGO had collected about the "Global Elite", and was dismissed. As Viktor was leaving, the client informed an unknown associate, probably Olivia Hall, to start leaking Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis' names, to tie up loose ends through a text message, and told Viktor that he has a feeling "...that this is going to be the show you'll be remembered for.", showing that the client knew that an impending assassination was going to happen.

In Freedom Fighters, Penelope Graves momentarily wanders the first floor of the farmhouse and ponders why the Shadow Client chose to kill Novikov and Margolis if they weren't affiliated with Providence. She concludes her thoughts, saying "...the Russian must have seen the boss' face. And the enemy has to have known about IAGO. Probably even used their services from time to time. It was a precaution. Nothing more."

Trapping the Messenger

Main article(s): World of Tomorrow

The Shadow Client threatening a Providence business man.

A week after the Sapienza incident, the client traveled to Johannesburg, ambushing a keyholder of Providence, by hiding in the backseat of his car, and keeping him at gunpoint from behind. After a brief discussion, he asked the businessman to hand him "The Key". As the man reluctantly gave it to the client, he informed the client, saying that "If there's a weakness, Providence will find it.", subsequently saying, "I just killed you." The Shadow Client thanked the messenger, responded with "Then we're even.", and shot him.

The Secrets of Providence

Main article(s): A Gilded Cage

Mr. Fanin (right) and Mr. Edwards in front of Providence's New York City vault.

Following the failed coup in Morocco, someone broke into Providence's New York City vault and stole "information on all of [their] assets and operatives", which required two of the "Keys" previously seen at the end of World of Tomorrow. The only two Keys missing were those of the man killed in Johannesburg and private banker Eugene Cobb, who seemingly died in a plane crash (he is later referenced on the Shadow Client's link chart in Freedom Fighters, where he is not marked as dead, most likely due to his body not being                                                     found, as stated during a conversation between two civillians in the Bangkok                                                           mission).                                                                                                    Two members of Providence speculate who the culprit might have been; one correctly links together their recent setbacks in Marrakesh, Sapienza and Johannesburg, and tells the other (referred to as Director Fanin) to start gearing up defenses and that "none of you are safe anymore".

Killing Thomas Cross

Main article(s): Club 27

Media mogul and Providence member Thomas Cross.

After Indie band singer Jordan Cross was assassinated in Bangkok by 47, his body was brought back to New York City to get buried. Many family members came to his funeral, including his father Thomas Cross, super-rich media mogul and member of Providence, who lived isolated and heavily guarded on his private island near Costa Rica. The Shadow Client used the opportunity and told his private militia to kidnap Cross while being on his son's funeral where he was relatively vulnerable. Cross was kidnapped, killed and his bank accounts were completely looted by hackers.

Under The Scope

Main article(s): Freedom Fighters

The Shadow Client, watching Agent 47.

The ICA, now starting to realize that they were manipulated by the Shadow Client, managed to trace several separate client's data back to hacker Olivia Hall. This lead them to a training ground in Colorado being used by the Shadow Client's team, a collection of previously unaffiliated mercenaries and political radicals. 47 infiltrated the camp, killed four of the Shadow Client's most talented mercenaries, and investigated the Shadow Client's files (during which he and Diana Burnwood found out ICA Director Erich Soders had become a mole for Providence).

After Agent 47 eliminated the four mercenaries, the client watched him through the scope of a sniper rifle from a nearly hill. Olivia Hall rightly assumes the ICA found the Colorado camp by tracing her, and she feels very guilty before the Shadow Client tells her "You did well Olivia, I am proud of you. Now listen. The ICA knows about you. They kept you alive because they needed you and now they don't. We won't talk again. Not until the storm is over". As she fears for her life, the Shadow Client further calms her down by explaining his backstory to her. As he plans to pull the trigger to kill the unaware 47, the latter glances towards the client, either feeling someone watching him or being aware of the client. He then takes his finger off the trigger, and lets 47 go, claiming that he knows him "Better than anyone."

The Enemy of My Enemy

Main article(s): Situs Inversus

Diana Burnwood and the Providence member meeting in the train.

After Agent 47 disposed of Erich Soders, the unnamed Providence member from the ending cinematic of A Gilded Cage (later revealed to be The Constant) approaches Diana Burnwood on a train. He proposes that the ICA and Providence forget about their past trespasses towards each other and team up to eliminate the Shadow Client, telling her "We are the lesser evil. This terrorist? He wants nothing but chaos...", and ending the conversation with: "We won a long time ago. This? This is just maintenance.".


Agent 6 had and still possess a form of brother-like bond with Agent 47 and they would be the closest of friends and even know each other's deepest secrets. Unlike 47, Agent 6 had not been regulated to extensive mental treatments designed to suppress human emotions because he had escaped. This had led Agent 6 to develop a conscience, which has left him with guilt over the horrible actions he had combined in Providence's name. This and the torture 47 had been put through due to Providence, caused him to wage a war against Providence. He could even show remorse for the death of Diana Burnwood's parents, something which shocked her, since all clones she had encountered do not possess any form of guilt or sentiment.


  • Physical Enhancements: Like Agent 47, Agent 6 is also a clone created to have the same genetically engineered physical attributes, which are superior to human beings.
  • Master Strategist: One of his most profound traits is that he is truly a master strategist and his high intellect even allowed him to deduce the existence of Providence, whom themselves are hypothetical even by the standards of the world's top-level Intelligence Agencies.
  • Providence Knowledge: Agent 6 possesses a detailed knowledge and a borderline obsession with Providence. He knows detailed information about up and on the rise Providence operatives and intimates, and knows some information about existing and long term operatives of Providence, which itself is a very impressive feat.
  • Special Ops Mastery: Like Agent 47, he too was heavily trained in unarmed combat, counterintelligence, counterinsurgency, assassinations, guerrilla warfare, reconnaissance, infiltration, interrogation, multilingualism, discipline and even other mercenary works.


Agent 47

Lucas Grey is a childhood friend of Agent 47 and his partner in crime when they were assassins for Dr. Ort-Meyer and Providence.


  • Even though Lucas Grey is the main antagonist, he and Agent 47 never meet each other in person in HITMAN™.
  • Lucas Grey is the first main antagonist to become the tritagonist.
  • Subject 6 is the closest thing 47 had to a friend and brother before the amnesia treatments by Dr. Ort-Meyer.
  • In the concept art, Lucas Grey has a tattoo on his right arm.


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