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Lucas Grey (also known as the Shadow Client) is the tritagonist of the World of Assassination trilogy, being the main antagonist of HITMAN™, an antagonist-turned-tritagonist of HITMAN™ 2, and one of the two tritagonists of HITMAN™ III. He is an assassin who leads his own Private Militia in a war against Providence.

He is the childhood friend of Agent 47, and is later revealed to be Subject 6, another of Dr. Ort-Meyer's subjects in Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman. He successfully managed to escape the Institute for Human Betterment where he, 47, and other subjects were being held, at the cost of 47 being captured and having his mind wiped.


Early Life

Like Agent 47, Subject 6 was raised in harsh conditions to be an assassin for Dr. Ort-Meyer. One day, when they were younger, he and 47 managed to escape from the Institute, and found themselves at a small farming community, where they were taken in by an unnamed woman.[1]

However, the next morning, they woke up to gunshots. Their "warden" had found them, slaughtered everybody they had been in contact with, and the brothers were forced to watch as the woman and her family were shot last.

As the years passed, 47 and 6 continued to plan their insurrection against Ort-Meyer in secret, all the while conducting missions on behalf of Providence, such as killing a pair of beneficiaries wikipedia:1989 Paraguayan coup d'état while a coup in Asunción, Paraguay raged on. After undertaking off-the-books missions in Pripyat and East Berlin to help aid toward undermining Ort-Meyer, they finally put one of their plans into action. However, Ort-Meyer had been prepared for a day when his children might rebel against him. As 47 and 6 executed a plan to escape, they were pinned down, trapped behind a table in the cafeteria by Ort-Meyer's elite soliders. During the gunfight, when it looked like there was no way out, 47 insisted that 6 escape and live his own life, and 6 did so, later assuming the alias Lucas Grey.

In the 1990s, Grey became a mercenary for various organizations and participated in conflicts around the world, including the "Black Wasp" Yugoslavia Paramilitary Resistance and "Executive Results" group conducting paramilitary operations in Africa. He also fought in the Chechnya conflict around this time, and in 2002, met his future chief hacker, a young Olivia Hall, during the Sierra Leone Civil War. In the mid-2000s, he was a Munitions Training Associate for the Central America division of "Coastal Products," and would become head of CICADA's on-the-ground operations for their Middle East and Horn of Africa division until roughly 2013.

He was next employed as head of security and bodyguard for Milton-Fitzpatrick CEO, Eugene Cobb. After he discovered that Cobb was a Providence operative, he realized that he cannot run forever and decided to wage a war against Providence in an act of vengeance against all they have done. His first target was Cobb, whom he killed on his private jet somewhere over the Pacific and acquired his former employer's "key" to a secret Providence vault containing an archive of all their assets and operatives.

During his vendetta against Providence, he would eventually recruit mercenaries, ex-soldiers, and other criminals into a private militia in addition to forming an alliance with the Delgado drug cartel.

Since Grey's escape from Ort-Meyer, he had also been tracking 47's career. Knowing of his existence and his M.O, he was able to link together several deaths that were either unsolved or were assumed to have been accidents.[2]


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Grey narrates the middle, and end sections of the "Call Me 47"/"Legacy" cinematic after the game's final prologue mission, The Final Test, revealing his knowledge of Agent 47 and the Agency. His dialogue strongly suggests 47's assassinations have brought hardship to him:

"You were always the best. Nobody ever came close. You defined the art, and it defines you. Your actions have changed the world. Powerful men have fallen by your hand; but by the same token, others have risen. Do you realize what kind of world you've been shaping? Does the ICA? Does your handler? I live in that world. I have seen the consequences. I have felt the cost. That's what defines me."

Rigging the Curtain

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The Shadow Client meeting with Novikov.

Grey approached Russian billionaire and fashion mogul Viktor Novikov at some point, primed with prior knowledge of both the FSB's investigation into Novikov and the IAGO spy ring. Grey met with Novikov again to collect his reward for killing the FSB agent, Nicholai Kamarov, at the FSB in Moscow. In return, Novikov handed him everything that IAGO had collected about the "global elite", and was dismissed. As Novikov was leaving, Grey texted an unknown associate, probably Olivia Hall, to start leaking Novikov and Dalia Margolis' names to tie up loose ends, and told Novikov that he has a feeling "that this is going to be the show you'll be remembered for," insinuating that Grey knew an impending assassination was going to happen.

Trapping the Messenger

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Grey threatening Hajun, a Providence Herald.

Grey leaked information regarding an Ether-sponsored weaponized virus to one of the company's shareholders, who in turn asked the ICA to eliminate its two researchers, Silvio Caruso and Francesca De Santis, in addition to destroying the virus on ethical grounds, at a secret facility in Sapienza, Italy.

One week later, Grey tracked Hajun--a "Herald" of Providence sent to investigate the incident--to Ether's headquarters in Johannesburg, where he ambushed him by hiding in the backseat of his car, keeping him at gunpoint from behind. After a brief discussion, he asked the businessman to hand him "the key." As the man reluctantly gave it to Grey, he informed him that "If there's a weakness, Providence will find it.", subsequently saying, "I just killed you." Grey thanked the messenger, responded with "then we're even,", and shot him.

The Secrets of Providence

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Grey leaked information regarding an impending coup in Morocco to construction conglomerate Hamilton-Lowe, who in turn asked the ICA to eliminate two key members of the coup, General Reza Zaydan and Swedish banker Claus Hugo Strandberg, to protect their contracts in the country.

Around this time, Grey used the keys obtained from Cobb and Hajun to open a bank vault in New York containing information on all Providence assets and operatives, ransacking the place.

Killing Thomas Cross

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Media mogul and Providence member Thomas Cross.

After indie rock band singer Jordan Cross was assassinated in Bangkok, his body was brought back to New York City to be buried. Many family members came to his funeral, including his father Thomas Cross, reclusive media mogul and Providence operative. Grey exploited Cross' public appearance, and had his militia kidnap him from his son's funeral and subsequently killed, in order for hackers to loot his accounts to fund his militia's operations.

Under The Scope

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Grey, watching Agent 47.

After the ICA tied Grey's actions to an organized militia, they sent Agent 47 to their compound in Colorado to eliminate four significant mercenaries working for Grey. Afterwards, Grey watched 47 exit the compound through the scope of a sniper rifle from a nearby hill. Wracked with guilt, Olivia Hall rightly assumed the ICA found the camp by tracing her, but Grey reassures her that she did well, and they shouldn't speak again until the heat dies down. As she fears for her life, Grey further calms her down by explaining his backstory to her. As he plans to pull the trigger to kill the unaware 47, the latter glances back towards Grey's position, sensing his presence. He then takes his finger off the trigger, and lets 47 go, claiming that he knows him "better than anyone."

Grey eventually left the compound for India, where he'd meet with Wazir Kale--on Maya Parvati's recommendation--over the course of a few days, explaining his agenda to him and recruiting him for the cause.

Return to Johannesburg

Grey calls Olivia in Berlin from an abandoned asylum in Romania. He quells her worries that 47 is now working for Providence and is coming for him, stating that 47 will remember--needs to remember--their friendship, imperative for obtaining a lead on the Providence Partners. He asks Olivia to help him infiltrate Ether and calls Rico Delgado to ask him to interrogate Oscar Wong, Ether's chief biochemist, for information about their facility. Later, Grey and his militia storm Ether’s headquarters in Johannesburg to steal a device before blowing up the facility and kidnapping Ether CEO Neleis De Waal as part of a hostage tape outing the existence of Providence to the world.

An Old Friend

Grey returns to Romania and lures 47 into the asylum, which he and Diana believe to have been purchased by Grey via cryptocurrency. Grey reminds 47 of their past here, being experimented on and shaped into killers for Providence. Grey remembers it all, as he escaped before 47 and the other clones’ memories were wiped. Known to 47 as his childhood friend, Subject 6, Grey convinces him of their friendship via a pact that they made long ago: to tear down Providence.

At his safehouse in Berlin, Grey explains the history behind Providence and Ort-Meyer’s experiments to Diana, in addition to his plan of finding the Constant -- coincidentally, her current client -- so they can use his knowledge of the Partners’ true identities to hunt them down. To trace the Constant, Grey suggests, they need to find his predecessor, the first Constant of Providence, a man who, if still alive, only 47 would remember due to his personal confrontation with him as a child at the Institute. The device Grey stole from Ether is revealed to be an antidote for the memory wipe, and he injects it into 47’s neck. 47 recalls he and Grey’s fateful escape attempt, and the man who punished them: Janus.

Finding the Constant

Grey and Diana act as co-handlers in aiding 47’s subsequent mission to Whittleton Creek, Vermont, where he succeeds in eliminating Janus and acquiring several clues that link him to the current Constant. Back in Berlin, Grey reviews the new intel, including redacted information related to The Ark Society, a secret organization founded by Janus and one of Providence’s assets. While Hall and Diana work on a plan to determine its location, Grey commiserates with 47 over their past. Grey approves their plan to track Janus’ coffin to the Ark Society’s headquarters on the Isle of Sgàil in the North Atlantic.

Weeks later, he realizes that Noel Crest, a former militia lieutenant of his, has gone rogue and threatens to undermine their efforts in entrapping the Constant by potentially ransoming Ether and forcing Providence back on edge. As an off-the-books request, he tasks 47 with eliminating Crest on Ambrose Island and provides field support for him.

Traveling by boat two months after the death of Janus, Grey confirms with Diana that the Constant is in place for their eventual abduction scheme. When asked why he didn’t walk away when he found out about Providence, Grey recounts his time working for Cobb and his discovery that he was a member of Providence all along. Connecting with Diana, he offers his condolences for her parents’ loss. He gives Diana a gun to protect herself from his mercenary crew before he and 47 depart the ship for the isle.

Grey helps 47 kidnap the Constant, now revealed to be known as Arthur Edwards, and they tie him down in the brig of their boat somewhere in the North Sea. Grey punches Edwards in the face, demanding info on the Partners. He reveals the three dynasties that built Providence: the Ingrams, the Carlisles, and the Stuyvesants. Diana stays behind while Grey and 47 pursue this lead, and Grey warns her to keep an eye on Edwards.

Pursuing the Partners

Grey and 47 speed by raft to a waiting seaplane, with Grey urging their pursuit of the Partners over any other concerns. When they arrive at an airfield to transfer to a private jet, they learn that the Partners are transitioning between identities and that Edwards has advised them to "follow the money” instead; to this end, Grey suggests they head to the New York branch of the Milton-Fitzpatrick investment bank, where the Partner accounts reside and where they must eliminate Athena Savalas, the last remaining Providence tie to the bank, in order to cover their tracks after they’ve stolen the account data. When they arrive in New York, Grey goes over the plan with 47 before departing to let the assassin do his job. Later that night, 47 and Grey meet in an alleyway after the successful mission, where Grey directs him to a plane set for the Maldives.

Piloting their jet to the islands, Grey says that the bank data yielded payments made out to HAVEN, a small company that creates new identities for wealthy criminals, and that 47 must eliminate the company’s three heads in order to prevent them from resetting valuable information regarding the Partners’ new lives on their server so Olivia can hack into it. Grey sets up a small staging area in a cove near Haven Island, meeting with 47 after the mission to report back from Olivia that the Partners’ new identities and locations were successfully acquired. Determined to fulfill their pact, Grey informs 47 that they’re to leave the islands before a storm hits.

Following on from the mission in HAVEN, Diana tracks the 3 current partners (Carl Ingram, Marcus Stuyvesant and Alexa Carlisle) locations. They are currently hiding in Dubai in the Burj al-Ghazali as guests of Sheikh Omar al-Ghazali. 47 is to infiltrate and eliminate the 3 partners therefore disabling Providence.

While 47 and Grey are HALO jumping onto the skyscraper they are almost hit by the rotor blades of Alexa Carlisles helicopter. Diana confirms that Alexa Carlisle had indeed escaped due to the Constant bribing a sailor and escaping. The constant immediately started seizing control of all of Providence’s assets causing Alexa Carlisle to leave in a hurry to try and limit the damage.

47 still lands successfully and proceeds to eliminate Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant.

Alexa Carlisle, now more worried than ever having heard the news of her 2 partner’s assassinations, comes out of hiding and turns up at the Carlisle ancestral home Thornbridge Manor in Dartmoor, England.

47 and Grey arrive in England to assassinate her, now also aware of the need to assassinate the Constant. Grey takes over the Security team’s field operations centre a few miles away from the manor to prevent any calls for help from being responded to. 47 infiltrates the manor and assassinates Alexa Carlisle as well as retrieving a file about the Constant.

As 47 is leaving the manor, he hears a plea for help over his earpiece from Grey who is reporting being overrun by the Constant’s forces (actually operatives of CICADA)


47 arrives near Grey's location a forest where and is informed over the phone by Grey that they have been compromised. He also tells 47 not to trust Diana believing that his location was given to the Constant by Diana.

Grey tells 47 to call Olivia instead.

47 attempts to rescue Lucas Grey, arming and disguising himself as one of the CICADA soldiers. Hearing gun shots, 47 hurries over to Grey, only to find him surrounded by CICADA operatives. Recognizing 47, who responds with a covert nod, the wounded Lucas Grey tries to signal to 47 that it was too late by telling the lot of them to "walk away" -- they were too heavily outnumbered and out-armed even for someone with 47's skills to prevail. Despite this, 47 cocks the pistol he's holding and swings the aim towards an adjacent soldier, intending to still attempt a rescue. Grey, seeing this, steals a pistol from the CICADA operative next to him as a distraction, announces “tell the Constant to start running” and commits suicide to prevent 47 from blowing his cover and getting killed.

47 then leaves and rings Olivia.


Grey, or at least 47's imaginary recreation of him, makes one final appearance in the mind of the sedated 47 while 47 is imprisoned on board a medical train operated by Arthur Edwards. The vision of Grey helps 47 to overcome the various hallucinations and fears caused by the drugs he has been injected with.


The Shadow Client is an older Caucasian man with pulled back gray hair, blue eyes, and stubby gray facial hair. He dons a gray jacket with black shoulder pads and black pants.

Apparently, the Shadow Client has Amblyopia (lazy eye) in his left eye, which can briefly be seen during the Freedom Fighters ending cinematic as he quickly looks up from his scope, though this is unconfirmed.[1] His real identity and name is revealed in HITMAN™ 2.

In the Birth of Agent 47 comics, Lucas Grey has an identical appearance to 47.


Lucas Grey has a brotherly bond with Agent 47. They were raised together as brothers, and often called each other "brother".

However, unlike 47, Grey did not undergo extensive treatments designed to suppress human emotions. Due to this, Grey is shell-shocked by what happened to him under Ort-Meyer, and carries the weight of the things he has done. With his humanity intact, Grey has a conscience, and he feels everything he has ever done in Providence's name.

This, coupled with the torture 47 had been put through for Providence, caused him to wage a war against the Partners. He could even show remorse for the death of Diana Burnwood's parents, something which shocked her, since 47 is largely unable to feel remorse for his actions.

Despite his deadly and brutal methods, Grey did not intend to harm innocent parties, and sought to keep collateral damage from his operations to a minimum, lest he become just as bad as those he sought to punish. This was revealed in conversations between militia operatives Alma Reynard and Orson Mills in the mission Nightcall, where the couple do not refer to Grey by name, but merely as "the boss." Nevertheless, some of his operations certainly resulted in collateral losses to civilians, first with the engineered disappearance of Eugene Cobb's entire private plane and its crew. In addition, Grey was forced to rely on allies and subordinates who did not necessarily share his concern for innocent life. For example, militia lieutenant Alma Reynard and her mercenaries kidnapped, tortured and executed an innocent couple in order to impersonate them so that the militia could get nearer to a target. He enlisted the help of Sean Rose, whom he placed in charge of operations of the Colorado militia cell, despite Rose's brutal methods leading to him being considered a "fanatic" and a "monster" by fellow militia members Ezra Berg and Penelope Graves respectively. He also allied with the murderous Delgado Cartel, which he used for transportation and smuggling. Finally, his attacks certainly resulted in inevitable deaths among armed security personnel, some of whom were probably unaware of Providence and its corrupt nature.


  • Master Strategist: One of his most profound traits is that he is truly a master strategist and his high intellect even allowed him to deduce the existence of Providence, whom themselves are hypothetical even by the standards of the world's top-level Intelligence Agencies.
  • Providence Knowledge: Lucas Grey possesses a detailed knowledge and a borderline obsession with Providence. He knows detailed information about up and on the rise Providence operatives and intimates, and knows some information about existing and long term operatives of Providence, which itself is a very impressive feat.
  • Special Ops Mastery: Like Agent 47, he too was heavily trained in unarmed combat, counterintelligence, counterinsurgency, assassinations, guerrilla warfare, reconnaissance, infiltration, interrogation, multilingualism, discipline and other unconventional warfare fields.


Agent 47

Lucas Grey is a childhood friend of Agent 47 and his partner in crime when they were assassins for Dr. Ort-Meyer and Providence.

Olivia Hall

Grey first met Olivia Hall in Sierra Leone in 2002 during the country's civil war, when she was approximately 7 years old. They appear to have a father-daughter like bond.

Diana Burnwood

Grey does not seem to trust Diana that much, because he believes that she's a threat and would end up betraying both 47 and himself.


  • Though initially depicted as the main antagonist, he and Agent 47 never meet each other in person in HITMAN™. Grey does, however, observe 47 from a distance through the scope of a sniper rifle in one cinematic episode, thus hinting to the player that he isn't the overarching true antagonist.
    • He is also the first main antagonist to become the tritagonist.
  • Despite being one of the tritagonists of HITMAN III, he only appeared for the first half of the game, and becoming a posthumous character for the second half, and appears as a vision at the final mission of the game.
  • According to Arthur Edwards' intel during HITMAN™ 2's "Dead Ends" cinematic, Grey speaks several languages, including Russian, Arabic, and Pashto.
    • The cinematic also reveals that Grey's fake passport lists his DOB as January, 1963, and place of birth as Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is also revealed to be his last known place of residence according to Three-Headed Serpent's briefing.
  • Subject 6 is the closest thing 47 had to a friend and brother before the amnesia treatments by Dr. Ort-Meyer.
  • In early concept art, Lucas Grey has a tattoo on his right arm.
  • Lucas Grey bears a lot of similarities with Aaron Keener from the Division 2, as both are voice acted by the same person. Additionally, both characters were shrouded in mystery until the second game of their respective series came out.
  • Grey is one of two major characters in the World of Assassination trilogy never to appear in any of the main missions, the other being Olivia Hall. The closest to a physical appearance occurs in On Top of the World, where Grey will address Marcus Stuyvesant and Carl Ingram via a television screen during the mission story How the Mighty Fall. He also makes a brief appearance in Shadows in the Water, piloting the helicopter 47 can call to escape Ambrose Island.


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