The M4 is a very powerful automatic assault rifle belonging to the M16 rifle family. It appears in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts, and in Hitman: Blood Money.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The M4 has the highest rate of fire in this game. It can be obtained by killing a UN soldier with the fiber wire, but finishing the level with it causes the game to freeze. Another way to keep it is to finish St. Petersburg Stakeout, Kirov Park Meeting, Tubeway Torpedo and Invitation to a Party all on Silent Assassin in a row or alternately complete the Shogun Showdown level with a 'Silent Assassin' rank.

  • The Motorcade Interception: Found on certain UN soldiers.
  • Obtained from achieving the Silent Assassin rating in five missions.
  • It is additionally seen being used by an Indian assassin in a cutscene.

Hitman: Contracts

  • Deadly Cargo: Carried by most of the SWAT team. See M4 Carbine. A silenced version can be obtained by beating this level with a Silent Assassin rank.

Hitman: Blood Money

This weapon is one of the five 'personal' weapons in the game. The player automatically receives it after the training mission, Death of a Showman.

It starts off as a regular M4 but can be massively upgraded. For a list of customizable upgrades, see M4 upgrades.

An easter egg is associated with this weapon; When examined at the pre-mission menu, a heart symbol can be seen at the end of the barrel. This cannot be seen if a silencer is attached.


Main article(s): M4/Upgrades

In Hitman: Blood Money, M4 is one of the five customizable weapons. The upgrades range from reducing the noise, adding scopes, and to using more powerful ammo.



  • The M4 carbine in Hitman: Contracts doesn't have a step down barrel, unlike the real life M4.
  • The M4 variant used in the Hitman series is the M4A1, the full-auto variant of the M4 carbine.
  • A similar weapon, HX AP-15, makes an appearance in Absolution.
  • This is one of the weapons that its name will not be seen in newspapers. If you use it, in newspaper report, it will be known as "Custom Assault Rifle", probably the developers wish to avoid copyright issues.
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