The MP7 is a submachine gun which appears in Hitman: Blood Money.


The MP7 is a compact, one-handed submachine gun / machine pistol with a high rate of fire. It inflicts moderate damage, comparable to that of the SLP .40 pistol. Like its predecessor, the MP5, it holds 25 rounds.


Hitman: Blood Money



  • In the game, the MP7 has a somewhat broken reloading animation, as the magazine is not removed by Agent 47 while reloading. All other weapons have dynamic animated magazines when reloading.
  • In real life, the MP7 has a telescoping stock and an folding fore-grip which can be used to steady the weapon, improving accuracy at longer range and uses 20 or 40 round magazine in stead of 25.
  • The MP7 shares its ammunition with other sub-machine guns in game, despite uses the unique 4.6x30mm cartridge.
  • The MP7 in game is the early variant, with the holding grip folded, not the MP7A1.