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General Makarov was a Russian general and one of The Generals who were present at the meeting that took place during St. Petersburg Stakeout.

After 47 killed Rinat S. Rumyantsev, Makarov went into hiding. Eventually, 47 tracked him down and killed him in the mission Kirov Park Meeting.


Makarov wears a standard Russian military uniform and a pair of black sunglasses. He appears to be in his mid-50s. He is taller than 47.



  • Aside from his Mafia contact, Igor Kubasko, Makarov rarely speaks to anyone.
  • His chauffeur will run down any Russian soldiers who get in the way of the car to escape if they are alerted by 47's presence.
  • His armoured car resembles a Zil -115 Limousine.
  • General Makarov might be named after the Russian handgun, the Makarov PM.