Manuel Delgado is the heir to the Delgado empire, and a target on the second mission of Hitman: Blood Money, A Vintage Year.


Born in 1966, Manuel is the eldest son of Fernando Delgado and the apparent heir to his Chilean drug empire. Having no formal education, he wished nothing higher than to walk in the footsteps of his beloved Papa.

This however, didn't seem to work out since he rather focused on his hobbies, including cocaine, water-skiing, tennis and downloading internet porn, than to actually contribute to the cartel. He also used the cocaine personally, which is widely considered bad for business in the drug trade and did make him "unpredictable and dangerous".

On February 9, 2004, he was killed alongside his father during the unveiling of a new wine, on his father's old vineyard.


He is wearing a pink polo t-shirt and a pair of white pants. He has a golden necklace around his neck and a tattoo of Mary on his arm