Dr. Marcus Green is a researcher at Dexter Industries and a target in the mission Death Factory. Although he was working on testing proximity mines when Agent 47 encountered him, data recovered by 47 verified that he was heavily involved in the research and experiments performed on Victoria. To ensure that the project was permanantly stopped, 47 killed him.


Dr. Green is described in 47's notebook as ambitious and a sociopath. He has a pathological hatred of pigs and likes to take it out on them by using them as test subjects for his landmine tests. The hatred stems from a childhood trauma. According to a dialogue between two factory workers shortly after 47 arrives, at the age of 12, Green's home in rural Nebraska was the target of a
Green initiating his pigs

Green ordering for the deployment of pigs as part of his experiment

break-in one night while he, his sister, and their babysitter were inside alone. The perpetrator attacked the babysitter and forced Green and his sister into the house's pig holding area while he robbed the house. While he left them there, one of the pigs attacked Green's sister, who killed it with a rake, only to find himself pinned under its weight. He and his sister weren't found by police until two days later, after which Green had to have his left leg amputated. He eventually had the leg replaced with a prosthetic one.